Monday, November 19, 2007

JUST GO! an art journal page

This is the crazy time of year for shopping. I don't like shopping on a good day. If I could I wouldn't leave my house til January. Today driving into work I passed the filming crew again and there was Scarlet Johanson standing there,real cute. They are filming "He's just not that into you" from the book of the same name. I have run into Keanu Reeves and Edward Norton and Nicolas Cage and Jay Leno and Meg Ryan to name a few. Alot of movies filmed here in town in the Fells Point area of town. Most in the way of daily travels and parking. But fun to see,especially Keanu what a very tall cutie! It was fun being an extra in a couple of John Waters movies also.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting more collages ready! Question?

I have about 40-50 small collages to sell at my art groups Holiday one day art sale. These are all original and I think I may try to sell them online,the ones that don't sell. The sizes range from 8x4 to 8x5. Art buddies who have sold on Etsy let me know if $25 each sounds reasonable?? THANKS. Also thanks for the "white pens" that are good to use emails back. Lots of nice responses!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A little art journal page from today

I spent the morning daydreaming about an art colony on the ocean. So I got ahold of old art magazines and got to work "playing". I am almost finished this current art journal and finally bought another,in case I got distracted by cleaning the house. I am freaking about the logistics of picking up art at one show and taking it to the next. I still have collages to be cello wrapped and labeled. Panicky feeling week happens to me alot. So my journaling is a distraction,whew.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It was a wonderful Autumn day

I spent all day catching up on a upcoming group show. We have one day to sell our art (without anyone making a profit on us) at the Mill Center in December. I started signing and cello wrapping alot of my smaller collages to sell. Then I remembered I hadn't scanned the images for my files,duh!
Thanks Claudine for telling me my collage sold! I donated it to "Art for Autism",her great yearly fund raiser. I love hearing that kind of news!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

You must be joking about a wash and blow dry!

He sits in front of my husband on the table not believing he is going again to get a wash and nail clipping! He isn't happy! He is livid! But he comes back smelling like a powder puff with a nice blow dry. We try not to laugh as his hair is all going in an upswing.

another talking head

Waiting patiently for my doggie to return from the beauty parlor all cleaned and trimmed up. He hates this ritual so much. I hate sending him off also. He should be much more pleasant to be around though. No one likes a stinky pup.
Dale Copeland got my yearly collage exchange,in New Zealand. I got them done early this year. I just love how she does this for us. Now I can't wait to see what collages I get in return. I am now working on the "winter solstice" fatbook pages to exchange with Donna. Love these fun swaps of art!