Monday, June 29, 2009

Lovely mornings hot afternoons and nice evenings.

I am going to Atlantic City for the fireworks this year! Got a couple of comps for rooms and I am excited! The ones who do olympics are doing the fireworks there. Not that the rooms are ever "free" with all the money you throw in their machines. I hear they aren't doing well so I must go help them out hehe. Their rooms and bathrooms are so fabulous and huge at the new chairmans tower at the Taj Mahal I want to live in them. Even the art all over is amazing. I saw fabulous pieces of art in a hallway of Bruce Springsteen and Jimi Hendricks,and Sinatra I wrote the painters name down and went to his site,lost the info sorry. The lobby and hallway art required some studying also. No wonder they have major guards all over.
Happy 4th and enjoy my flag collage above!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer heat and humidity!

I got a few summer reads from the library yesterday. One of them is a Mary Higgins Clark book. Easy read and yet why can't I ever figure out the ending? I say oh thats the one when a new character is introduced,but no!
I added to my summer wardrobe at the Library also,T-shirts for sale. Don't know about you but its too hot and humid already. Good art show at Towson University so thats a fun trip one day soon. Spent 4 hours deleting IE8 last night,it's not compatible with much,so don't bother. Frankly I am already tired of facebook(my son talked me into that one)and Twitter,who knows those people??? I never even liked the phone,prefer in person chats.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My child is 41 today

Above is a fav pic of Paul in Key West a few years back. Where did this time go? I am so glad Paul is turning his life around and making me proud. I am glad I was there for his birth,the whole thing,ouch. He came out 9lbs 5 oz and I was not much bigger then,lol. He has always been a clothes hog,now in suits and ties for his job. Paul you have aged me quite a bit but somehow you came out more sensitive and improved and I am again happy. Love you,mom!