Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to life, post holidays

Thrilled the holidays are over. Something doesn't occupy my mind constantly like the holidays do. There is such fantasy to live up to around the holidays,which now starts at Halloween on tv. When that music starts on a daily basis it sets off panic in women. If we left it up to men it wouldn't get done. That may be just the ticket,let them do it all. In fact since my sister left,my brother in law had us there for Christmas and seeing the kids. No ornaments on his tree just lights. I brought a few annual handmade ornaments fortunately,and my youngest niece made a few. I made alot of food and bread and my homemade cranberry liquor,along with presents. It was a nice mellow time and I loved seeing my nieces and nephew,and my son. It made me think that maybe women create the chaos of the holidays? Stopped over at my sisters for a few minutes and then it was time to drive home,avoiding the most heavily deer populated highway around. Made it thru another holiday and another year. The collage above is an older collage, more to come in the new year. Happy New Year and New Prez all!