Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beth's mosaic guitars

I often think the whole world is super creative at some point and time. These guitars are done by my buddy (many many years now) Beth. We were comrads in mischief when we worked at the dental school. The things we got into when the students were off. She has had these guitars on display locally at a gallery near her home. I have only seen her mosaics by emails since I haven't seen Beth since one of the art shows I happened to be in. Time sure flies! Beth you have always had the best smile,I can see it now granny. Great Work Beth!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Collaged christmas balls

Every year I make a new ornament for the tree. These are some of my old ornaments I made in the past. The tree is decorated and hanging on the wall,yes hanging...found an ideal tree in a catalog that hangs from a hook on the wall,a half tree. My dad was years ahead of himslef,he thought this idea up years ago when we called him the grinch. It makes perfect sense in a smaller house. The tree takes up no floor space.
I made a couple ornaments this year as gifts and one for my tree. Went to my favorite mall for train displays,a yearly event. What a fabulous display at Kenilworth,a small but favorite mall. Found an ornament in a shop there I just had to get. It took me an hour to decide since they reminded me of Cirque de Soliel(?)sp. Each ornament was amazing. My trees are eclectic like my home is,nothing is a set. I must admit that was one "set" I could have bought if each one wasn't in the ten dollar range. What a fun day my friend and I had watching trains and kids eyes as they watched the trains. That was the best part of the holidays.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The afternoon nap

After several cups of coffee and the morning paper,I readied a few art journal pages. Then I showered for work and already I was thinking about how good an afternoon nap would feel. It was blustery snow and cold this morning. On my travels I watched a bum feeding pigeons out of his pocket. Then he bent down and took a piece for himself off the sidewalk,from the pile he fed to them. I really love observing people from my car. You certainly catch a patchwork of life in the city.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Brrrr it's here again,winter!

My exchange collages have arrived in New Zealand,yay. I really love the series I did this time. This piece is similar in style but not same subject I used in the series. I am enjoying recycling old brown bags I have. This piece stands out to me as the crazy gift shopping time of Christmas. Times are tight and it won't be as lavish as previous years for most folks. But again remind ourselves of winter solstice. I noticed there aren't as many people in the malls and stores as in the past. The pet shop was the busiest with on lookers. Amazing how their puppies are on sale,not their typical over charged prices. I don't know why I torture myself going in and wanting each one more then the last one. So cute! My body feels ready for hybernation now,how bout you?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's time for CHANGE !!!

I feel a wonderful change in the air! I woke up so happy after election day. Yes I voted! This larger collage of mine (hanging in my living room) is called "Odds and Ends",since it was made from scraps of painted and printmaking pieces I had left over. I just love the richness of printmaking inks. Although the rich browns aren't showing as well in this. It makes me think about how long will it take for Obama to clean up all the odds and ends left over from the last 8 years. Boy does he have a challange ahead of him. But with his charisma and willingness I think good things are coming our way.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

a FUN altered book page

Is it just me or does everyone get excited over a unexpected day off? I am like a kid when I don't have to be at work for a day. My job only pays me when I am needed which is sometimes 6 days a week. So on Thursday there was nothing on the board for me to do so I had the day off. Oh and did I play! I did this fun page in journal 5,yes 5. Alot of my pages are personl writings about life,some are just fun pages. Not planning it, the page reminded me of some Teesha Moore's works I have seen. My inner child was having fun on her day off. It reminded me of the snow days when we were young and school was closed. It is rare as an adult to get an unexpected day off,since we will all probably work til we die.
Thanks for all the comments everyone left on my Halloween page. Love ya for that.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scarey cabinet card huh?

This looked like a grandma that shoulda been run over by a reindeer,but wasn't. Hoping she isn't a real relative. I've used her in so many funny pieces but I think Halloween was her calling in life.
When I was little we had a big old house up the road that we thought looked haunted. Someone would dare the others to knock on the door. A women came out throwing hot water (oil?) at us,she looked like this woman in person. You became scared to walk by the house. Then again I've had nuns in grade school that looked worse then this woman...I had the special order of biker nuns teaching me. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leftover sentences

This is another "altered book" journal page I enjoyed doing. I came across these unrelated book pages I cut from a few books I've used, to make space. If you do altered books you know how you must make space for bulkier pages you will be doing. Spent alot of time browsing and cutting out great sentences to compose feelings I've felt. A kind of poetry/prose to go on the desolate tree page I painted. Loved how it came out,such "re-recycled" use of a book.I really feel this poem it sounds like a written collage to me. Here is what it says...

this winter in my life/ retreat of sound and sight/
that so bogged me down/ yellow shivering through/
as when in my childhood/
the nostalgic edgelight of an afternoon/ whirling through the streets/
and somewhat like a bird/ they keep taking away your future/
from a lifetime of guilt and worry/
too charged with inner light/ I should have taken more risks/
at the tail end of a delicate cycle/
between potential and a finished work/
as if hands were enough/ on everything paper/
after a week of long rains/
sails gleaming towards the stars/

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Notice the ID badge

Another art journal page about hospital work. My handwriting is awful lately so it says...
Some people are just hospital people and some aren't. Mom and I worked in hospitals most of our work lives. We loved most everything about it. The hustle and bustle of the days and the quiet calm of the evening shift except the ER's. She did alot of transcription and managing. I did alot of clerical transcribing of doctors orders for the nursing stations. Try reading doctors handwriting all day,not easy! Mom went on to managing in Philly and I wound up in admitting patients. I know we both became burnt out when the hospitals became more about the money and not patients.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My ideal art studio.

This was a fun collage of layers of doors stairs and vegetation,as if a tree house. It was rejected by "Somerset Studio" but hey they have printed others I did in their lovely magazines.
OK question,I need your attention for a short story as I am backing out of a parking place a car pulled up behind me,the couple kissed and she got out. The guy driving was n a hurry to not block me any longer so he helped her get her bags out of the back seat. He hit his car door with one bag and I heard a loud smash. He got back in and was driving off when the woman looked into the bag and yelled "That's the one I needed" and broke down and sobbed. I had a deadline and had to leave but I spent the whole day wondering...what would make a younger woman break down and sob in public for some time,about "the one I needed" that broke in her bag??? Give me your opinion please. "Needed" is a heavy word so I am not thinking it was something monetary. "Wanted" would have been less heavy a word I would think had it been replaceable.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Colorplay in my art journals

I have been having a blast with my art journals. These pages are what I call just for fun color play. I have been readying up more art journal pages as well as starting a new journal book. These are things I do between major art projects. Whats fun is I can still sit outside on my beloved sun porch,as autumn is in the air. If you have never tried an art journal warning they are totally addictive. So much to them then just a plain ole journal of thoughts. You can paint or clip pieces to capture feelings,no one needs to see your finished projects til,are gone. Like Bob Dylan says "If my thoughts and dreams could be seen,they'd probably put my head in a guillotine". But it's nice to tell someone,if only a journal.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feels like it's raining all over the world.

Today it rained so hard we had a basement water problem. Like Brook Benton sang "feels like it's raining all over the world". Out on the sunporch I watched the rain and looked at magazines. The pooch hates to get his paws wet on walks in this mess. I find rain a cleansing experience even with the basement wettage. I am coming outa my funk a bit. Stocked up on wine today and have found recent;y as much as I love shiraz it gives me major esophageal reflux in bed. So I am back to white wine for evening sippings. I am doing alot of new art journal backgrounds for writings in the winter. Wonder if most artsy folks go thru such ups and downs as I do?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My brother and his grandson

This is my brother Kevin and grandson Aiden. Kevins son,the father of Aiden,is returning on his Navy ship from overseas now. We can't wait for Eric's return. I am sure he can't wait to see his son again. HI ERIC,thanks for all the pics onboard.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recent art journal page

Hopng everyone in Texas is ok and utilities will be up and running fast.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If there weren't pets in the world... (Pete)

Among various things going on in life to worry me lately, 2 baby lovebirds died. They just weren't thriving and each died on different days,one survived this batch. "He" looks blue like his dad so I am sure I will keep him,just because. I am sinking into art just to get by.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

sad sad very bad week

Leaving you with my digitally manipulatd collage of hearts I had called "ode to Jim Dine".

Monday, September 1, 2008

My wall is dancing with color right now

I happened to look up on my "studio/computer room" wall and saw this amazing color dancing around. The photo doesn't do it justice naturally. It"s being reflected from my cars tail light red cover. I had to grab the camera for this momentary event.

Speaking of events,I am just finishing up a series of collages for the annual "International Collage Exchange" this year. I am thrilled with these pieces since they were inspired by "my secret place" at the Johns Hopkins School of Health. The first time I catered there,I walked into a gallery of 2 of my favorite artists,Jim Dine and Robert Rauschenberg. I could not believe my eyes,and I was alone with them,each time since. This secret place of mine is so unused and hidden that I feel it's mine all mine. I regret even telling anyone about it. Only Hopkins and their vast array of art could thrill and suprise the unexpectd viewer like me. They can afford it,I am just glad it's presented to me in my very own gallery. Tables around but no one even eating lunch and admiring this art. I have happened upon the most wonderful and inspirational art all over the nooks and crannys in that huge complex of medicine. Why can't they just let me have one piece for my collection,obviously no one would miss it? Instead I made myself a larger collage from my series this year entitled "When Dine met Rauschenberg" (in my secret place)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So school starts huh? Poor teachers!

My ole' buddy Pat and apartment neighbor wayyy back,was a teacher for years. I had done this collage for her to remind her why she is glad to be retired. I am so looking forward to going places without kids all over.
Speaking of GREAT kids my niece Delaney just turned 10!! I have a large bag of presents to take to her whenever I can get an appointment with her. She is again at her beach house this weekend. Her sister Molly returns from Barcelona and enters her final year in YALE. Jake our dear boy goes back to Vermont to college. This is when I will miss them til holidays.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Springsteen ROCKS Hershey Pa.

Isn't a good rock concert enough to get the blood flowing? I haven't been enough of a fan of Bruce to catch a concert of his,but my friend is. I had a great time,it was a blast! I do love some of his songs enough to let someone else pick up the tab for me to see his concert. If nothing else watching the crowd,and adding to my ever growing list of concerts was reason to get out of town. It was a lovely breezy moonlit eve in the arena, and he was very energetic with his tunes. His concerts are always sold out within minutes of opening sales. For being my age the man had energy!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

One of my favorite buildings in Baltimore

This is a digitally manipulated art journal page of the "Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower" constructed in 1911. It"s on the National Registry of Historic Places. It was at the time sporting a large Bromo Seltzer Bottle on top and was the tallest building in Baltimore. They have turned it into state of the art studio spaces, for artists. I wanted to capture the Bromo Seltzer blue,with studios all lit up with creativity going on inside those windows. It was fun to play with in my photo program. Whats fun is I own a antique bromo-seltzer bottle in that cobalt blue they used in those times.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A study in shading in watercolor class

Saw her sketches of shoes in "This disordered life" blog and it reminded me of my piece from watercolor class 1999. I used flipflops and a well worn sandal of mine. We had to concentrate on shading and picking up color from a piece of still life. I found water color to be hard and unforgiving. Yet I always loved this piece of reflected orange on the wall.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The perpetual worrier,me.

Last Sunday doodling in my altered book on the sunporch,I was also weeding out magazines. I am someone who gets these "ominous feelings" at times,that I jst can't shake. This photo popped out since I knew that feeling well. I am often told that I can always find something to worry about in the world. So I created this page to capture how I was feeling that moment. It was only a couple days later when my son called with the horrible news about his friend Zach dying in a car accident. My son has known Zach for a very long time. The rest of the week my son came down to stay and we waited for the funeral plans together. I showed him this page,I often don't show pages from my journals. There was a very large and sad funeral that Friday. My son had a chance to see many old friends from his past,on that unfortunate occasion.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My son just lost another best friend Zach

This is a pic of Zach,who we will miss terribly. He left behind a wife and two small children. Rest in peace "Zazu".

Friday, July 25, 2008

Me meeting Peter Max (yeah sure it's me!)

I finally got my pic and certificate of authenticity,for the art I bought. I almost cried at the pic of me under this pic...anyway. I loved meeting him and buying this piece of art and his book of art. Who did I think I was having a pic taken? From now on I am hiring a stand in for all photos.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Actually it was a Jammie weekend. Too hot to do anything but wake up late,read,and do projects. This is my altered book page for the weekend,too large for the scanner. But yes it was a large weekend of so many projects. I love getting down and grundgy and playing with paint,collage and some times just reading. I read Nora Ephrons book "I feel bad about my neck" and loved it,small,funny and so right on,for aging women. She is a wonderful writer of books and movies. But Nora,I still have a "Bill thing". Who in their right mind would have a "George thing"? Lots of great group collages over @ "Scrapiteria" go look!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby lovebirds again !!!

It's that Barry White music,I'm tellin ya! My lovebirds John and Yoko (above) have hatched 3 more eggs! I'm a grandmother again! My lovebirds are very busy ummm making love, ALOT! So once again it's been a blast watching 3 more eggs turn into tiny pink babies. It's been quite awhile since the last 2 babies,one empty egg in between. This is really exciting to me and I get very attached to the babies as well as John and Yoko. They take turns babysitting on the babies while the other is out eating or rolling papers on the bottom. They roll papers and then carry them under their wings to the nest box. The nest box has one clear plastic side to it,so with a flashlight you can look in. I am closest to John,he is more personable and whistles with me. Poor Yoko I guess doesn't have much time. They love to ride on the hamster wheel,like it's a ferris wheel. Back to my ongoing projects. More later,thanks for coming by all,and all the nice comments!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How I went about this collage.

OK Neda you asked for it,here is how I did this collage,my dear! I came back from a trip to Ocean City Maryland. The land of the kazillion shops on the boardwalk. I grabbed a bunch of brochures when leaving, of places around the town. The next day I sat down to play,as I cut out the colorful ads. I decided on the size and placed down a piece of star covered paper I had saved. Then I made a centered strip of boardwalk out of a cut brown piece of paper. I added a piece of torn art paper with flecks in it, to mimic sand and still show reflection of the stars in the ocean. Then I had fun placing all the colorful shops and restaurant words trying to give a tight ocean city effect as if seen from the ocean. This was one of the most fun pieces of collage I ever did. Kind of a surreal Boardwalk at night.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Renwal of faith in mankind!

So I am sitting in my car at work this morning trying to catch the end of a song...a man walks out of his townhouse with a great poster celebrating Baltimores Bicentennial dated 1797-1997. The man with him carrying more framed posters of Baltimore by other artists. On his way back to his townhouse I stopped him and said where did you get that great colorful poster saying "Celebrate Baltimore". He said would you like one I have an extra? I said sure, having just been paid. He went in his house and brought out a nicely blue framed poster,said he was a collector. I was telling him, I have a poster of when Harborplace opened in 1980 that many have wanted,but I can't part with. He was impressed with that. But I am an artist and I have some cityscapes in spray paint that happen to be in a 2 page spread right now,in a magazine. I said would you want one in exchange? He said sounds interesting and sure! After more talk we parted ways and I promised to bring him my art soon. Now how wonderful was that? Someone was going to give,for free, a nicely framed poster,not just a rolled up poster that you admired? Made my day!

Just got Tickets ordered to see "The Boss" in August. My friend is a huge fan so ok I said yeah. I love concerts anyway,and he and I did the "Asbury Park" the "Stone Pony" T-shirt trip from Atlantic City this past winter. Last year we saw Bob Seger in D.C.,previously Fleetwood Mac,2 Eagles concerts,Foreigner,Greg Allman,and a Stevie Nicks. My husband sends us with his blessings and isn't into concerts.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks to all of you for the compliments!

Why is it that it means so much to artists hearing someone,anyone else likes their art? As if we need constant approval. I know a few of us have discussed this. It's even hard for us to release our art into the world and not hear how it's doing or if it is still loved as much as when the person bought it,if not why,or send it back home please. I know we give "birth" to it so to speak,and want it to be loved,as we loved it. But we artists need that constant approval,why? Yet we really,in most ways, don't let it get in the way of a new idea. Hmm...
I am so happy having a 2 page spread in Somerset Studio,July Aug. It inspired me to keep going again. I spent a hot day on the sunporch making this thank you to Jenny Doh for liking my pieces enough to publish them. The idea came together when my niece said mermaids were "the thing" at the beach,and that her boss (in the gallery where she works this summer)liked my blog and art things I did. I really had a blast using Jennys face cut out from the magazine to personalize the finished mermaid,and stuff painted gold,and a tiny seahorse necklace around her neck. I love the inspiration and techniques from that magazine,it gives so many of us amidst the other creations we have going on. I am trying to utilize all the little goodies in my "stuff" to add on to things I am working on. Recycled art is a collage artists dream and what we thrive on more then "bought" goodies. It would take me a lifetime to use all my accumulated found and given trinkets.
Thanks again for all the happy compliments,it means so much,unfortunately! I have grown to love my little blog buddies so much. We are there for each other in computerland,due to distances.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank you Somerset Studio and Jenny Doh!

I was just thrilled to open this months magazine "Somerset Studio" and come across this whole spread of my art. Also my article of my love of cities. When I saw what everyone was doing with spray paint these days I got an idea. I have always loved cityscapes especially in the fog or mist. The two just came together for me and my cans of spray paints. Jenny Doh another city lover wrote to me and said she loved them. I do love the city,all cities. It's funny when I take a ride anywhere through country roads I think to myself "where do they go and what do they do?" I am sure working on projects can occupy alot of time in the country,but my inspiration comes from cities. This was a fun article for me to see in a magazine as lovely as Somerset Studio. THANKS!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New collage for Fathers day

There is a call on "Scrapiteria" the collage blog I am part of,for fathers day. I sat down and did a collage today of my dad. It made me think of all his gentle ways. I still hear all his advice in my head. We finally became very good friends towards the end of his life. I spent many waitings in doctors offices with him. He had so many things wrong with him since his car accident and WWII,that it just wasn't fair. I had to explain constantly that each doctor takes his own history and physical and you must update and go over all your symptoms with each. He grew weary of all the surgeries and probes into his body. I was there in the ER the day his aneurysm burst. He was so afraid of dying and yet tired of living. I always felt safe when he was around,and we firgured out alot of answers together. He and mom almost got to their 50th anniversary. Nothing was the same when he was gone. Moms zest for life went with him. I had little time to mourn since I had to keep mom strong. I miss him so much,he didn't have a mean streak in him. He asked me to take care of mom and I did. He told the docs in the ER "no heroic measures" and it was sad when they informed us he was gone. Dad was given a military funeral in Arlington National Cemetary along with moms ashes. When they blow the bugles and the 21 gun salute you know it's over. He so deserved all that. He was a good man and a gentle man.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I made my first stamp yay!

Twenty years ago when my nephew was born I made this cut out in blue background matted and framed it for his room. So one recent hot day I printed out a smaller version and printed it onto those great rubber squares from I then carved it out and had my very own stamp. I have since done a few more,one is a coffee cup with steam rising. Oh the things you finally get to in life. So much easier then carving wood blocks or linocuts.
HI MOLLY! Thanks for stopping by. Hope work and summer and your trip coming up relieve some stress for you. I am thinking of you kids so so much lately! More nana stories soon I promise. (HUGS auntjoy)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This collage print is up for auction.

I had 2 prints of this digitaly altered collage. I traded one with Neda and donated the other at "Art for Autisim". Can you believe the original collage colors are browns and murky colors. It is amazing what photo programs can do when you play with them. Lately I am playing with my bikini dolls,making up a batch to sell in multiple colors. "Rainbow girls" I think I will call them. I gave one to a very sweet and generous bartender in my favorite spot,when I ever get out for drinks. It helps to get cuts on the bar tab.
My son turned a wicked 40 on June 6th. He was born the day RFK was shot. I remember all the nurses coming in my room not to see my adorable baby but to check out my tv screen.
I've been seeing tattoo's everywhere. I was suprised at the fabric store yesterday when I saw a woman older than me with one. I figured her grandchild talked her into it. I remember the day my mom was going out to birthday lunch with her siblings,dressed as usual in her suit and heels. She had a sleeveless top under her jacket. So I got a washable tattoo out and put it on her arm. She just turned 70 so when she discretely removed her jacket her siblings howled when they saw it. It's one of my all time favorite stories of my proper mom.
If I ever got a tattoo I tell everyone I want nursing home instructions on my chest. "Feed me,call the doctor,change my diaper,I have bedsores on my back,where are my meds." You get the idea.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just like a little girl (from a Dylan song)

So I spent the rainy morning making my "Bikini Girls". They measure about 4X14 inches. If I had a photo of faces I could customize them and the colors I use. Wonder if these would sell in a craft show or a shop or in Etsy? I could copy the persons face and roughly the haircolor they wanted on them. What'cha think? I have been too busy to blog lately since my son is closer to home I can spend more time with him. Once again it was fun to visit with my nieces and nephew recently. HI Molly! Molly will be a senior at YALE in the fall,after a trip to Barcelona in July. Enjoy your summer kids,love aunt Joy. (now that I know you read my blog kids)
OK so blog readers tell me what you think of my movable arms and legs bikini dolls? Think they have a chance?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK I have a fun "question" for all.

Have you ever had a very unusual experience with "the other world". An after life experience?

I have had a few but let me start with one. My grandmother and I were very close. She was my confidant in my teen years. We also talked of after we died stuff and she read alot of Edgar Casey books,think I spelled his name right. So we made a pact that if one of us died the other would come back to tell if there was life after death. She died one winter down South where my parents lived at that time. I came to visit them, many miles away, not long after she died. I was very tired from the very long drive and slept on the sofa that night. At some time during the night I started having a conversation with my grandmother,like we did about fashion,whats new in the family,like we did for years before. This conversation was not verbal but somehow unspoken. Then I heard a rubbing noise from the chair where she always sat(she had lived with my parents) She always rubbed the chair arms and left slight marks in it. The noise unnerved me as the talking did,at this point. I turned over and saw a misty,smokey vision of her in that chair across the room. I panicked and ran down the hall past her to my sisters room. I jumped into bed with her and in the morning everyone wanted to know what happened. I felt like I was betraying a confidence with my grandmother but finally explained my night.
Please tell me your experiences.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Added a new slide show of some of my collages.

Help me decide which pic to use on my blog please! This one or the one I have on it?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to my city and harbor.

A friend and I got away for a few days to Atlantic City. I lost alot as usual. He won $500. It always makes me glad to return to art and the real world. It's a lovely time of year here. I am just enjoying my sunporch again,and journaling out there too. I've done more in my altered book journal,mostly my private thoughts. Hard to leave the sunporch long enough to do real art. I have a large piece I need to ready and send to my nephew who is in the Navy and overseas right now. Hope it's surely ready when he gets back. More later. Neda has an interesting art discussion on her blog,check it out.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am now the proud owner of a PETER MAX

Well today I met "the man" and bought a piece of his art. I even asked if I could hug him he said sure,and we hugged. The package was an authentic piece of acrylic painted art on paper,8X10 in size in a amazing frame,which he signed to me on the back and doodled more art. I also got my photo with him by his photographer,which was kewl and will be mailed to me. I also was given his new book (you gotta see it) signed inside to me again,and more artsy doodles by him. The dear man is now 70,and his show was fabulous, but I couldn't swing the 20-75 grand range. I am beyond thrilled to own a PETER MAX! The gradiated colors of orange on the piece are fab as well as the heart. The hearts were done after the Berlin Wall came down,he was born in Berlin. People were there with old posters etc for him to sign. I got front of the line since I bought a piece there. One man I chatted with had one of thirteen pieces he bought in the 70's. It was impressive. It was like a rock concert with all the music and him bopping,and us enthralled.
A piece I loved was a cow,in his style...story behind it is,the cow was headed to the slaughter house and she ran and jumped the fence,so Peter Max got her and took her to his place to live! Can you not love this man?

Friday, May 2, 2008

"The May Queen"

Laying low this week. Here is my "May Queen" for the season. She was one of my favorites that I did. This is a season to be outside,now if I can just find energy. Happy May to all.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Bride of flower child"

OHHHHHHHHH I saw Peter Max art yesterday,spent well over an hour looking! I was enthralled and am going to see the man in action on Sunday. This is the first time his art got to Baltimore I was told. No one but me was in there for an hour,then a few folks came in. This sure isn't a art town,but I have known that. I was apologizing about this town to his people. Anyway I had a blast,learned alot and spent all the time my meter would let me. Then Ben and Jerrys gave free ice cream cones yesterday,so that was a nice treat. Wish Baltimore would catch up to NY and DC for art followings. Maybe it's the economy this week,I tried to rationalize buying on of his pieces. But no spare 8 grands for the one I would love. I pleaded when I got home but nope. They won't let you take a camera in.
The above collage I just did matches my "Last flower child" in size and they are a cute couple on my wall.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peter Max has a show all week at Harborplace

It is next weekend Peter Max is here! I called for a reservation for next weekend to see the man in person. They said he will be working on art while he is here at his show! Is that so beyond exciting? They said his karma is all around him. Ok hold on one more week my heart.
Latest collage is "Leaving the dream behind". I finished t this morning.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess who is in town this weekend!

I am so excited about this art show in Baltimore this weekend. I know our generation has always loved Peter Max. His colors are so vivid and gave hope to us all. His art is part of our culture and he is a household name. I actually know an art friend with a "real" Peter Max in her apartment. This is an exciting show,he is now 70 and the works are timeless and speak of PEACE. Just the thought of possibly meeting him in person and seeing his art is making my weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whew couldn't sleep last night.

I was sweating all night thinking of today and turning 25+25+9. Maybe it was a warm night but how often do we wind up on the brink of the big one! This really sux,I am this old? I have way too much to do and time flies on. Now that I am middle age,har har,weeks become months,and well we know the rest. I feel good,hope I "wook mavelous" and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!