Monday, May 24, 2010

back to some original forms of LOVE

I've become a gardener and I never had a green thumb. It all started with some Irises that grew in my yard,from the previous owners of this house. I fell in love and read up on them. I dug up the old bulb in the fall and seperated and replanded these extras I got off the overgrown original bulb. They LIVED and flouished to my suprise. Now I am in love with Irises.
I also pulled out unfinished projects recently one of which is a quilt. "the OJ Simpson trial quilt" it was always called...when I started it the original OJ murder trial was on. Then my niece reminded me the second time he was on trial I worked on it more. You can't see the stitches but there are hand/glove stitched imprints in the centers of the color squares. I could elaborate more but I wonder if he is due for another trial ? because I am ready to finish up on it. I think I may add another outside border,even though this was to be a wall hanging,way back. I have always loved quilting.
Another unfinished thing is a large painting that needed colors changed for me to like it. No pics yet on it.