Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is how I am feeling right now!

I am quite overwhelmed by all the wonderful comments left on my blog. Especially a personal one from "the" Jonathan Talbot,collage master,and a return email and a link on his site, . On Friday eve I opened an email from one of the magazines who will feature some of my art I sent in. I am working on a brief answer to their questions of how I came about doing these pieces.
Ahhh and it's a nice rainy winter day. Spent a slight hangover on the sofa all day with a great book "Best Friends" by Martha Moody. Sure miss having a fireplace. Gotta love a book with nice morales and insights for a change.

Friday, December 28, 2007

"The last flower child"

Loving using up alot of old saved pieces of papers. Sometimes the words come first other times the images. Love when it becomes one collage! I am now also on "Scrapeteria" blog with other collage artists. I had a man say to my face at the last show I was in "since when does tearing up pieces of paper become art", hrrump!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

How did she do that?

Another cut and paste collage. I am back to my original style of collaging as I work on about 5 other projects. Love my manic side.

Friday, December 21, 2007

a cut and paste collage

I call this one "I missed the bus" because I saw that wording in an article I was reading yesterday morning.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A New Year and projects

All I have to do is hold on another 5 days and Christmas will be over. Isn't that sad to feel that depressed over Holidays.
Meanwhile I have started a new journal that will be ALL DYLAN! I say I raised my son on Dylan'isms,he knows them all. I loved the words Dylan used in all his songs,so relavent to the times and beyond his years. I've had Dylan projects in the past but this one is exciting. It's time I gave a tribute to "the man". Evertime a Dylan song comes on the radio in my car I can sing all the words. It always amazes me how good those old songs make me feel. "Oh the times they are a channnnnnnnnnnging"!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Attention all journalers!

This is the book to buy this season,for yourself or as a gift! It is so charming you will just love the pictures and writings. Why didn't we think of doing this one??? Barnes and Noble has it on sale right now. I am also reading "The Highly Sensitive Persons Survival Guide" this one I really needed for my sanity. I tried "Eat Pray Love" but the person who lent it to me doesn't practice any of it's philosophy and yet she thinks we all should! She could write "I'm ok,none of the rest of you are" LOL.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The first snow!

We just had the first snow of the year last week. It was so lovely all day,even having to drive in it. I love seeing my city and harbor every morning. The city becomes magical when it snows. People become friendlier and chatty. Like a kid I get that weather report excitement about how many inches!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

please let December fly past gently!

Maybe because my family becomes their most "freaked out" selves during holidays. Like parent bashing at Thanksgiving or other times. Like it's never enough you can do for them! Dec 19th almost 2years ago I finally had my parents ashes placed in Arlington National Cemetary. This was after arguing a couple years with the Govt who lost my dads WWII overseas purple heart combat military records. I found all the info I needed in moms papers after mom died. It was not easy working out the full military service for my parents who so deserved this send off. (Imagine them losing awol papers? I doubt it.) The hoidays to me are a joke nowdays,consumerism at it's worst! Please be gentle during this time someone like me may be out there.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bad art groups or what?

Thanks to my 4 regular comment art friends.I agree it's a funny thing how some get all the following and others get none. I tried to be loyal and friendly. I donated and gave what I could of myself to others but it doesn't come back around. I love you few for commenting and I love your hearts! HUGS Joy

Monday, November 19, 2007

JUST GO! an art journal page

This is the crazy time of year for shopping. I don't like shopping on a good day. If I could I wouldn't leave my house til January. Today driving into work I passed the filming crew again and there was Scarlet Johanson standing there,real cute. They are filming "He's just not that into you" from the book of the same name. I have run into Keanu Reeves and Edward Norton and Nicolas Cage and Jay Leno and Meg Ryan to name a few. Alot of movies filmed here in town in the Fells Point area of town. Most in the way of daily travels and parking. But fun to see,especially Keanu what a very tall cutie! It was fun being an extra in a couple of John Waters movies also.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting more collages ready! Question?

I have about 40-50 small collages to sell at my art groups Holiday one day art sale. These are all original and I think I may try to sell them online,the ones that don't sell. The sizes range from 8x4 to 8x5. Art buddies who have sold on Etsy let me know if $25 each sounds reasonable?? THANKS. Also thanks for the "white pens" that are good to use emails back. Lots of nice responses!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A little art journal page from today

I spent the morning daydreaming about an art colony on the ocean. So I got ahold of old art magazines and got to work "playing". I am almost finished this current art journal and finally bought another,in case I got distracted by cleaning the house. I am freaking about the logistics of picking up art at one show and taking it to the next. I still have collages to be cello wrapped and labeled. Panicky feeling week happens to me alot. So my journaling is a distraction,whew.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It was a wonderful Autumn day

I spent all day catching up on a upcoming group show. We have one day to sell our art (without anyone making a profit on us) at the Mill Center in December. I started signing and cello wrapping alot of my smaller collages to sell. Then I remembered I hadn't scanned the images for my files,duh!
Thanks Claudine for telling me my collage sold! I donated it to "Art for Autism",her great yearly fund raiser. I love hearing that kind of news!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

You must be joking about a wash and blow dry!

He sits in front of my husband on the table not believing he is going again to get a wash and nail clipping! He isn't happy! He is livid! But he comes back smelling like a powder puff with a nice blow dry. We try not to laugh as his hair is all going in an upswing.

another talking head

Waiting patiently for my doggie to return from the beauty parlor all cleaned and trimmed up. He hates this ritual so much. I hate sending him off also. He should be much more pleasant to be around though. No one likes a stinky pup.
Dale Copeland got my yearly collage exchange,in New Zealand. I got them done early this year. I just love how she does this for us. Now I can't wait to see what collages I get in return. I am now working on the "winter solstice" fatbook pages to exchange with Donna. Love these fun swaps of art!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween story parts 1-7 read down

There was this mental hospital up in the mountains. Two of their patients escaped. There was blood everywhere. Many hospital workers are now dead. It's all over the news. BEWARE!

Part 2 Halloween

It is not known how they got so far away from the hospital in the mountains.

Part 3 Halloween

It was said they went to a very exclusive private school before they were sent away.

Part 4 Halloween

They love to go out to eat. Who knows what they eat.

Part 5 Halloween

They have been showing up everwhere.

Part 6 Halloween

They were last seen walking thru your town.

Part 7 Halloween

So if you hear a knock on your door on Halloween. Don't open it please!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lovely day/great art show opening

My art group "Women Artists Forum" had another great opening today. Paula,my little daughter/buddy who went with me, even bought 3 pieces of art herself. Then off to Starbucks to catch up. It was a colorful fall day though a bit warm. I am also getting a batch of collages ready for the next holiday show coming up. Above is just a fun series of collages called "Talking heads".

Monday, October 15, 2007

BLOG action day contribution!

Circadian Rhythms outa wack!

Fall/Winter always does a number on my sleep patterns. I am now tired earlier and up earlier. My meds are great and I feel so much better. I love my doc! AHHH the Ocean was wonderful! Thanks you all for the nice comments and wishes. I got a few more art journaling pages done while away. I wrote about the time my husband and I stayed at the "Chelsea Hotel" in the early 70's in NY,on my insistance. (Dylan stayed there)Came home to my old job calling me back and I am going with bells on. I adore seeing the city everyday. Being only a couple hours each day the job is ideal. Gets me up and going and dying to get home to projects. I have 2 more art shows coming up with my art group. So this week,lol,life is goooood!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Heading to the Ocean this week be back too soon

My cat scan was fine YAY! My meds have really made me feel much much better. On thyroid and cholesterol meds,oh the joy of aging. I am elated and a few days at the ocean,what a plus. I have been getting some pages ready to write on. This one I painted for a ocean sunrise. Most of my journalings are way too private after I write in them. I have always been overly private. aaahhhh I can hear the ocean already! Will Be back!

Playing with a great free page from the center of Stampington Mag. Just a colorful page.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

the "talking heads" series

Finished my International Collage Exchange series already and am on to another collage series. This one is the "Talking Heads" series which has been alot of fun. I went thru alot of art magazines and found alot of the art looks like faces if you find the right angle. What do you think? Do you see a face? Then I added some goofy wording after I added eyes and hands.
Still waiting for the CAT scan results but am feeling alot better since the new meds for the cholesterol and thyroid. Even did a gallery jaunt today,got in 5'ish galleries. Lots of yummy art and some familiar names. Then the library,I was bookless again!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A favorite "ex" Marylander artist Will Wilson

Don't you love this painting and sentiment about it? Go see more of Will Wilsons art! I have been fortunate to see a few of his art shows in town. Now he is in the way big leagues.
OK now my bad news...according to my latest blood tests (which my doc said are completely outa wack) my cholesterol was 340! and I have a hypothyroid and 2 new meds. CAT scan for the lump tomorrow. I hate being on meds,I don't even like taking a vitamin. This is all making me feel old but also explains alot of my symptoms. You start to think it's all in your head til you find an attentive doc. He said this could also explain my depression and weight gain as well. More later,too nice to not be on my front porch.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Play day! in the journal

Above is my journal page of the "gosling" (not duck) I found wandering a trucking highway in the early spring. I was thinking about him as migration starts for the year. When I turned him over to the animal hosp who in turn turned him over to the wildlife folks, I kissed his little head and told him to fly over and say hi to me one day. Bet he is a lovely goose now! I am painting more pages to ready for more thoughts as I am still learning to play. I am also working on a larger piece to frame for my niece "the divine ms M" in Yale.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday weather worshiping.

Today I was immobilized on the front porch again. I finished reading the "New Yorkers" about a group of people who meet thru their dogs. I just tried and tried to get beyond a third of the way thru "Middlesex" (with all its rave reviews) and couldn't. Then I started "Open Me" about people who professionally mourn at funerals? Didn't know that! I am in a reading binge again. I also reread my Jim Dine book and admired his art in it. I love his art. I just got "Random Order" about Robert Rauschenberg another fav.
Thanks all for asking about my health. The doc wants me to get a cat scan. Tomorrow I get bloodwork done. Then we schedule the scan. He was pleased with my blood pressure since I saw him last. I gave up salt and kept a chart. Thought I would have a prob going no salt, NOPE! In fact its amazing how salty everything tastes without it. An occasional round of chips is my indulgence. Read those labels how much salt is added to everything.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday we went to Annapolis for the day.

My energies have been so low. The weather though has been wonderful. Friday I found what appears to be a lump or maybe a "lipoma" on my shoulder area. We had a nice time looking around the galleries and streets in Annapolis Sunday,instead of a farther trip. Slept all afternoon today was so tired. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so will see about that lump. I don't usually panic unless it is a surgery.

I did a page in my journal trying to think nice thoughts. (see above) I love the gold pen I used on the page called "golden moments" and I do love red and gold together,as in most of my house. Naturally you can never capture true colors on the computer.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Cool days finally...I can take the 70's thank you. Above is my collage that captures the changing leaves and crispness in the air. I used oriental rugs in this collage to create the colors of autumn. Love how this came out. Currently busy on other projects and a bad week for my biorhythm's. Very down energy mentally and physically. 9/11 on top of things. Day trip to Alexandria Virginia tomorrow so I may perk up.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The little man

Ever since we got Mr.Peter Pan adjusted to not sleeping with us he has been behaving much better. We are also getting sleep without him hogging up the bed. He still has a attitude problem around some people and he is extremely jealous. He still doesn't like me giving anyone or any other dogs more attention then him. Never had such an "alpha" dog before,but oh he is so so cute and the whole neighborhood knows his name and says hi to him.

Friday, September 7, 2007

For Tracy Roos

Here is how bad I am. I promised Tracy a very pink card present early spring. Last weekend cleaning out the car finally I came across a very damaged card under the seats. So I was embarrassed and probably thinking another card my post office didn't send. I sat down with all my pinks and made her a new card that will be sent in a brown paper wrapping so this one even if lost won't be destroyed by feet. So sorry Tracy,I would be upset if someone promised me something and it never came. Tracy Roos is the first "atc" I ever got and she did hers with professional flare. She became hard to live up to her standards but inspired us all!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

"The Fall Getaway"

We have reservations for our "fall getaway" in October. We love the Ocean (anywhere) in the off seasons. I still don't know why people want to go in the crowds and heat. If I owned (oh I wish) a place at the beach I would prefer leaving during summer. I will be counting the days for yet another much needed sabbatical. Love coming home with more shells for the collection.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I can feel the end of summer

I go thru a range of emotions when autumn is near. I love the colors but I get very melancoly. I am working on some new color combos. Back to art play time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"The Sun Queen" a fun little project

I am sending this piece to Claudine Intner for "ART FOR AUTISIM" her cause. She has been raising alot of money in the auctions. I hope she likes it. More then taht I hope it sells for her.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I love these little statues on my shelf

The scan of these little 3-4inch statues came out very interesting. I used a cloth over the scanner since the lid wouldn't close over them and make it dark enough to scan . The fabric I used was a brick pattern. It almost gives a nightime feel. I am liking this idea. Meanwhile today I saw the surface of the dining room table for a change. I am cleaning for a change in hopes a new idea will emerge. Usually when I clean off the table of all my paints papers etc,I am ready to start again. It isn't often I see any surface top in my house. Yes I am a art slob. Glad I finally got around to scanning in these adorable handmade townhouses! They were purchased years ago in a cute shop at the beach. I have never found them since to buy as gifts for everyone who has lusted after them.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Timekeeper" is the name of this collage.

I woke late 10am to the guys cleaning out the newly emptied out garage. I sat out on the back porch and watched while drinking my coffee's. The air was cool and wondeful. When more awake I divided and trimmed back my bearded Iris clumps and weeded out their spot. I went to get some garden soil and mulch for them. I think I found a tree to replace our fallen tree. Then started a lovely steady rain to help my transplants along. I took a good book I found at the library out on the sunporch to read all afternoon. I looked at some art and craft books in between. Then we had a glass of wine and burgers on the grill loaded with onion,yum. It was just one of those wonderful days that came together nicely! Got lots of ideas for this coming week and am already working on Dale Copelands yearly collage exchange.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Too much coffee too many wonderful blogs!

I had the good fortune to be near the trash (yes I was buying wine) when the wine shop tossed out the poster for this "yellow tail wine". I played in my photo program with it and I love the results!
Today I drank coffee and looked at some wonderful blogs. Left alot of comments also.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My entry for Street team Crusade 11 (click here)

Song by Bob Dylan performed by Eddy Vedder...crank this up please!

YAY I sold another piece of art!

The piece of art I had at the "Circle Gallery" in Annapolis sold to David in Connecticut. He bought one of my all time favorites. This was the first show I put the piece in. I had a feeling it would sell. I develop an attachment to some of my art. It could never be duplicated,as most art is a moment in time.

The picture above is my friend Janet Mishners collage. I love the detail of this girl. Janet is amazing with collage. This piece could draw me in often. I love it!

I am currently working on some pieces for Jenny Doh. She seems interested in what I sent her. They are follow ups to Michelle Wards spray painted art in Somerset Studio's wonderful magazine. Too hot to be outside spraying for long.