Friday, July 25, 2008

Me meeting Peter Max (yeah sure it's me!)

I finally got my pic and certificate of authenticity,for the art I bought. I almost cried at the pic of me under this pic...anyway. I loved meeting him and buying this piece of art and his book of art. Who did I think I was having a pic taken? From now on I am hiring a stand in for all photos.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Actually it was a Jammie weekend. Too hot to do anything but wake up late,read,and do projects. This is my altered book page for the weekend,too large for the scanner. But yes it was a large weekend of so many projects. I love getting down and grundgy and playing with paint,collage and some times just reading. I read Nora Ephrons book "I feel bad about my neck" and loved it,small,funny and so right on,for aging women. She is a wonderful writer of books and movies. But Nora,I still have a "Bill thing". Who in their right mind would have a "George thing"? Lots of great group collages over @ "Scrapiteria" go look!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby lovebirds again !!!

It's that Barry White music,I'm tellin ya! My lovebirds John and Yoko (above) have hatched 3 more eggs! I'm a grandmother again! My lovebirds are very busy ummm making love, ALOT! So once again it's been a blast watching 3 more eggs turn into tiny pink babies. It's been quite awhile since the last 2 babies,one empty egg in between. This is really exciting to me and I get very attached to the babies as well as John and Yoko. They take turns babysitting on the babies while the other is out eating or rolling papers on the bottom. They roll papers and then carry them under their wings to the nest box. The nest box has one clear plastic side to it,so with a flashlight you can look in. I am closest to John,he is more personable and whistles with me. Poor Yoko I guess doesn't have much time. They love to ride on the hamster wheel,like it's a ferris wheel. Back to my ongoing projects. More later,thanks for coming by all,and all the nice comments!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How I went about this collage.

OK Neda you asked for it,here is how I did this collage,my dear! I came back from a trip to Ocean City Maryland. The land of the kazillion shops on the boardwalk. I grabbed a bunch of brochures when leaving, of places around the town. The next day I sat down to play,as I cut out the colorful ads. I decided on the size and placed down a piece of star covered paper I had saved. Then I made a centered strip of boardwalk out of a cut brown piece of paper. I added a piece of torn art paper with flecks in it, to mimic sand and still show reflection of the stars in the ocean. Then I had fun placing all the colorful shops and restaurant words trying to give a tight ocean city effect as if seen from the ocean. This was one of the most fun pieces of collage I ever did. Kind of a surreal Boardwalk at night.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Renwal of faith in mankind!

So I am sitting in my car at work this morning trying to catch the end of a song...a man walks out of his townhouse with a great poster celebrating Baltimores Bicentennial dated 1797-1997. The man with him carrying more framed posters of Baltimore by other artists. On his way back to his townhouse I stopped him and said where did you get that great colorful poster saying "Celebrate Baltimore". He said would you like one I have an extra? I said sure, having just been paid. He went in his house and brought out a nicely blue framed poster,said he was a collector. I was telling him, I have a poster of when Harborplace opened in 1980 that many have wanted,but I can't part with. He was impressed with that. But I am an artist and I have some cityscapes in spray paint that happen to be in a 2 page spread right now,in a magazine. I said would you want one in exchange? He said sounds interesting and sure! After more talk we parted ways and I promised to bring him my art soon. Now how wonderful was that? Someone was going to give,for free, a nicely framed poster,not just a rolled up poster that you admired? Made my day!

Just got Tickets ordered to see "The Boss" in August. My friend is a huge fan so ok I said yeah. I love concerts anyway,and he and I did the "Asbury Park" the "Stone Pony" T-shirt trip from Atlantic City this past winter. Last year we saw Bob Seger in D.C.,previously Fleetwood Mac,2 Eagles concerts,Foreigner,Greg Allman,and a Stevie Nicks. My husband sends us with his blessings and isn't into concerts.