Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Bride of flower child"

OHHHHHHHHH I saw Peter Max art yesterday,spent well over an hour looking! I was enthralled and am going to see the man in action on Sunday. This is the first time his art got to Baltimore I was told. No one but me was in there for an hour,then a few folks came in. This sure isn't a art town,but I have known that. I was apologizing about this town to his people. Anyway I had a blast,learned alot and spent all the time my meter would let me. Then Ben and Jerrys gave free ice cream cones yesterday,so that was a nice treat. Wish Baltimore would catch up to NY and DC for art followings. Maybe it's the economy this week,I tried to rationalize buying on of his pieces. But no spare 8 grands for the one I would love. I pleaded when I got home but nope. They won't let you take a camera in.
The above collage I just did matches my "Last flower child" in size and they are a cute couple on my wall.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peter Max has a show all week at Harborplace

It is next weekend Peter Max is here! I called for a reservation for next weekend to see the man in person. They said he will be working on art while he is here at his show! Is that so beyond exciting? They said his karma is all around him. Ok hold on one more week my heart.
Latest collage is "Leaving the dream behind". I finished t this morning.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess who is in town this weekend!

I am so excited about this art show in Baltimore this weekend. I know our generation has always loved Peter Max. His colors are so vivid and gave hope to us all. His art is part of our culture and he is a household name. I actually know an art friend with a "real" Peter Max in her apartment. This is an exciting show,he is now 70 and the works are timeless and speak of PEACE. Just the thought of possibly meeting him in person and seeing his art is making my weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whew couldn't sleep last night.

I was sweating all night thinking of today and turning 25+25+9. Maybe it was a warm night but how often do we wind up on the brink of the big one! This really sux,I am this old? I have way too much to do and time flies on. Now that I am middle age,har har,weeks become months,and well we know the rest. I feel good,hope I "wook mavelous" and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I really miss my old printmaking classes

I had a wonderful time yesterday visiting my sister and niece and mostly my son. It's been a year since I saw him and he looks healthy and buff. Paul will be 40 this June so I gave him an early present of my Ipod filled with old music memories I know he will enjoy. We always loved the same music. He in turn gave me a cd of his latest fav which it turned out I already liked. Maybe we can see eachother more often now that he is living closer to me. I sure need that since he always could make me laugh and cheer me up. I LOVE YOU PAUL!

I did this print in classes oh so long ago. It's where my heart was then. I love the inks and textures you can get from printmaking. Reminder to self take more classes in that art field. I was overwhelmed there was so much to learn. So many techniques and inks. I can't even decipher my notebokk,lol. I still carve the easy to use rubber blocks and make prints in journal pages. But if you have never tried printmaking it's worth while.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Seems the subject on a few blogs this week is hands. I had mentioned how much I wish I had photographed my moms hands. They were strong hands powerful as she was. Even as I held them as she was dying I couldn't help but think this about them and all they have done. No she wasn't a manual laborer but she could have been if she chose to be. She really had no fear of anything including death. I have my fathers hands more then hers. Sensitive hands. Not feminine hands that I admire but hands that quilted and did art. I think of them as overly sensitive hands. Dad and I could get our feelings hurt so easily but not mom. Mom rolled with the punches. Have I mentioned how much I miss my parents lately?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Painted B&W of mom and dad in 1948

Mom and dad in 1948,Doris n Roy. I am enjoying painting the copies I make of old b&w photo's. How I do it is copy photo and print onto cardstock usually get in 2 photo's on a sheet. Then I paint them with the liquid bottles of acrylic,the ones AC Moore carries cheap. It's hard to do great detail the size I am doing (about 6"x4") but like Lisa Bebi says to do is enlarge them then paint them. But I am thick headed and I don't follow rules well. I like how they look on the K&Company paper background. Seems to catch the colors of the times. It was fun painting one of dads old cars too. He rarely took family pics of anyone without a car in the background. He loved his cars!

One baby lovebird is left and going to it's new home this coming weekend. As I said these lovebirds are at it again (too much Barry White music) so we shall have more lovebirds again. When they are tiny they make sounds like a squeeky shopping cart.

This morning was misty and smelled real green out. Spring is near. Everything is blooming. The doves are around again. Robins are trying to build nests on my windows. I am feeling somewhat manic and getting projects done. Mailed off my art donation to Art for Autism,a good cause. Started a new collage series for next years International Collage Exchange. Life is good this week! Thanks for leaving comments folks and emailing me nice comments.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wonderful collage link GO SEE!

Dale Copeland does this amazing collage exchange yearly. This year is the 10th annual Internet Collage Exchange with hundreds of artists. She has an online gallery for us and a collages for sale showcase as well. I find it an amazing way to collect art from all over the world and exchange with other collage artists. I have been doing this exchange yearly and I donate the sale of my collage that's for sale to her for all she does for us. I generally work with a series in mind to get together 13 collages to send off to Dale in New Zealand. I start on the next exchange shortly after sending off the current exchange. Each collage is different and original. Please go see her amazing website of her art as well as ours.