Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Somehow I got thru December and January

I have had my car plowed into and still not fixed by "her" insurance yet...took forever. Tomorrow the car finally goes into the shop. Never had a claim take so long,guess she thought my car went sideways into the front of her car....(seperate incident)Wound up in the hospital for what felt like true heart attack symptoms,including near syncope. Was on a monitor and had a stress test everything passed,whew it was scarey. I have a very high tolerance of pain too, so it felt very real.
Got myself into a very fun long term group collage with all the scrap goodies from many other artists. Sending that one in soon to Somerset Studio. Submitted to the "Climate Gallery's" upcoming mixed media show. Finished my 13, "International Collage Exchange" collages and they are almost in the mail to Dale Copeland in NZ for this coming exchange.
It's been a most unusual winter for me. Pretty sucky but I am managing to get some things done between facebook,online scrabble and naps. Missing all my blog buddies lately and all the amazing art online in their websites.