Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I am reading now.

This is a great book for creative minds! It is the kind of book that makes my head wander off to another place. You must have read books that prompts your brain to relate to something in your life,by something mentioned in reading. I am slowly digesting what I am reading because I can't stay with the book since I get diverted to another place and time. Love the book though. The writer sounds very creative and makes these box journals. Tell me if a book ever does that to you. (makes you relate to something in your life,while reading it)
The third birdie egg hasn't hatched yet,I am sure it won't. But we have 2 cute babys getting bigger now. Wonder if I should remove the unhatched egg?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ok I am not liking the aging thing one bit!

This is me,no not the body I am in right now. I am really not liking aging at all! I am tired of feeling like I do and yeah looking like I do now. They really didn't tell us we would get old did they?? I think baby-boomers,(aka:Pepsi generation folks) are just finding out how bad it really can get. I don't remember thinking one day you won't be able to keep a thought more than 5 minutes,or wake up with hurting joints,or get wrinkled and fat. Oh and yes the days started with "yes mam" and went down hill from there. Amazing the tests Doc's can find to run on you and the meds to remember to take daily. I am not happy one bit at this aging process. We are next in line to die and I haven't done all the projects I've written down to do,yet. Not nearly finished it all! Where is all this high blood pressure,hypothyroid,anxiety,depression,constant dental work,weight gain no matter what you do stuff coming from? Sadly I know it will get worse,because I took care of my mom for so long. She couldn't believe it was happening to her either. One day you are young,skinny,relatively attractive(though you never thought so) banning the bomb,and angry at the world,next you are old,fat, banning the bomb, and angry at the world.
This pic was me in my 20's and too skinny,I was told,belonging to womans lib,raising a child,and still planning to move to "The Village" and be a beatnik,and write poems for Dylan to turn into songs. But I got to California that year and didn't have flowers in my hair and be a hippie and live on a commune,another plan of action.
Oh where does the time go when that person is still inside you?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Someone turns 3 February 23rd,2008

HEY YOU PETERPAN psssstttt!!! You turn 3 Saturday even the vets office sent a card to you! You are so adorable but onery. We got you as a baby and still you act like we are going to take your toys from you(have we ever?) You have a large batch of toys,all over the house. You take inventory of the toys and know some by name. I know we spoiled you rotten,but we love you. You traveled to Florida with us in the car and stayed in a lovely beachfront hotel with an elevator and the cleaning service knew you, as you walked by, tail in the air (and smoking jacket,um no)and head proud. We ate outside in all the fun restaurants and you sat in a chair and they brought you a water bowl. (no not a finger bowl) The neighborhood knows you as the dog who stands up on his hind legs a long long time and turns to watch anyone or anything across the street. You love car rides and the sunporch and sleeping sideway in the bed between us. You are beyond jealous of the cat,birdies and everything alive. Happy Birthday Pete,we love you! (aka:P P)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 little tiny pink fuzzy babies now!

We now have 2 babies and doing well! Mama "Yoko" rarely leaves the nest box. Couple days back she came out for air,(and a shampoo and shower,joking), and I grabbed the flashlight and saw the second one and an egg. By the way yes they do love mashed eggs! and whole grain bread. I also make tiny salads at the salad bars and bring them home for them,fresh. Did I mention the dog is major jealous when I give them any attention? Imagine the neglect our poor cat feels around this dog. Muriel (the cat)runs by when the dog is outside. I have never had such a jealous dominant dog before,he needs "the dog whisperer".
These scrawney babies are adorable,but there is one more unopened egg. Hope it's ok. More soon. OH the above collage is from a vacation, I travel with papers and scissors and glue,etc. Never know when something will just come together!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

An old collage about priorities.

I started a collage journal over the weekend and anything new is going in it. The paper works for the 5X7 sized collages I do in the mornings. Most get posted on "Scrapiteria" collage group blog site,eventually. I am posting an old collage I did that deals with druggies priorities in life. I may have nothing but "hey I got a great watch". It is called Stairway to Heaven.

Friday, February 15, 2008


So far one of the 3 eggs hatched on Valentine day! It is small and scrawney and pink. Mama lovebird lays on top of it and feeds into it's beek. If it survives it will be named Sean. Little John helps feed it also. I did a little caracature of them and the 3 eggs. I can't wait to look in with my flashlight to see again. Now this is odd,in reading up, it says feed them mashed eggs so they can give it to the babies. Birds eat eggs??? Oh no!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I could not live without music in my life

Most of my art journaling is very private. This is a page about a song I love called "stars" by Simply Red. Old wrapping paper with stars on it and the song were the inspiration for this page. Alot of my pages are about favorite songs. I am also working on my Bob Dylan art journal since his words always inspired me thru life. My poor son knows all his words too. I raised my son on Dylan words and meanings. He got so tired of all Dylans quotes,lol.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The crowd scene and "girls gone wild"

My mother and her siblings were all well behaved and good kids. They had such strict parents they all couldn't wait to be out on their own. So it was quite funny to come across this picture. Mom and her closest sibling (the 2 youngest) are peeking out in the background of a very rowdy scene,in old day standards. I am sure because there are a couple beers in the photo they are hiding. God forbid their parents caught a glimpse of this. Oh those girls gone wild!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Babies having babies!

Hope you can see the lovebirds in this picture,click on the photo to enlarge a bit. My babies are having babies! I was cleaning this morning and took a quick glance into the nesting box (with one see thru side to it) and OMG I saw 3 tiny eggs! Now these birdies had been making alot of love but it's been awhile since she came out of the nest. I have noticed he has been eating alot then going in, I guess to feed her. So "John and Yoko" it appears are male and female like I was hoping. Now John will have his little band. Since they are 3 eggs I guess their names are Paul,George and Ringo? I have been telling everyone I am going to be a grandmother! What an easy way to be one,lol. I am so excited!