Friday, November 21, 2008

The afternoon nap

After several cups of coffee and the morning paper,I readied a few art journal pages. Then I showered for work and already I was thinking about how good an afternoon nap would feel. It was blustery snow and cold this morning. On my travels I watched a bum feeding pigeons out of his pocket. Then he bent down and took a piece for himself off the sidewalk,from the pile he fed to them. I really love observing people from my car. You certainly catch a patchwork of life in the city.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Brrrr it's here again,winter!

My exchange collages have arrived in New Zealand,yay. I really love the series I did this time. This piece is similar in style but not same subject I used in the series. I am enjoying recycling old brown bags I have. This piece stands out to me as the crazy gift shopping time of Christmas. Times are tight and it won't be as lavish as previous years for most folks. But again remind ourselves of winter solstice. I noticed there aren't as many people in the malls and stores as in the past. The pet shop was the busiest with on lookers. Amazing how their puppies are on sale,not their typical over charged prices. I don't know why I torture myself going in and wanting each one more then the last one. So cute! My body feels ready for hybernation now,how bout you?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's time for CHANGE !!!

I feel a wonderful change in the air! I woke up so happy after election day. Yes I voted! This larger collage of mine (hanging in my living room) is called "Odds and Ends",since it was made from scraps of painted and printmaking pieces I had left over. I just love the richness of printmaking inks. Although the rich browns aren't showing as well in this. It makes me think about how long will it take for Obama to clean up all the odds and ends left over from the last 8 years. Boy does he have a challange ahead of him. But with his charisma and willingness I think good things are coming our way.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

a FUN altered book page

Is it just me or does everyone get excited over a unexpected day off? I am like a kid when I don't have to be at work for a day. My job only pays me when I am needed which is sometimes 6 days a week. So on Thursday there was nothing on the board for me to do so I had the day off. Oh and did I play! I did this fun page in journal 5,yes 5. Alot of my pages are personl writings about life,some are just fun pages. Not planning it, the page reminded me of some Teesha Moore's works I have seen. My inner child was having fun on her day off. It reminded me of the snow days when we were young and school was closed. It is rare as an adult to get an unexpected day off,since we will all probably work til we die.
Thanks for all the comments everyone left on my Halloween page. Love ya for that.