Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just like a little girl (from a Dylan song)

So I spent the rainy morning making my "Bikini Girls". They measure about 4X14 inches. If I had a photo of faces I could customize them and the colors I use. Wonder if these would sell in a craft show or a shop or in Etsy? I could copy the persons face and roughly the haircolor they wanted on them. What'cha think? I have been too busy to blog lately since my son is closer to home I can spend more time with him. Once again it was fun to visit with my nieces and nephew recently. HI Molly! Molly will be a senior at YALE in the fall,after a trip to Barcelona in July. Enjoy your summer kids,love aunt Joy. (now that I know you read my blog kids)
OK so blog readers tell me what you think of my movable arms and legs bikini dolls? Think they have a chance?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK I have a fun "question" for all.

Have you ever had a very unusual experience with "the other world". An after life experience?

I have had a few but let me start with one. My grandmother and I were very close. She was my confidant in my teen years. We also talked of after we died stuff and she read alot of Edgar Casey books,think I spelled his name right. So we made a pact that if one of us died the other would come back to tell if there was life after death. She died one winter down South where my parents lived at that time. I came to visit them, many miles away, not long after she died. I was very tired from the very long drive and slept on the sofa that night. At some time during the night I started having a conversation with my grandmother,like we did about fashion,whats new in the family,like we did for years before. This conversation was not verbal but somehow unspoken. Then I heard a rubbing noise from the chair where she always sat(she had lived with my parents) She always rubbed the chair arms and left slight marks in it. The noise unnerved me as the talking did,at this point. I turned over and saw a misty,smokey vision of her in that chair across the room. I panicked and ran down the hall past her to my sisters room. I jumped into bed with her and in the morning everyone wanted to know what happened. I felt like I was betraying a confidence with my grandmother but finally explained my night.
Please tell me your experiences.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Added a new slide show of some of my collages.

Help me decide which pic to use on my blog please! This one or the one I have on it?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to my city and harbor.

A friend and I got away for a few days to Atlantic City. I lost alot as usual. He won $500. It always makes me glad to return to art and the real world. It's a lovely time of year here. I am just enjoying my sunporch again,and journaling out there too. I've done more in my altered book journal,mostly my private thoughts. Hard to leave the sunporch long enough to do real art. I have a large piece I need to ready and send to my nephew who is in the Navy and overseas right now. Hope it's surely ready when he gets back. More later. Neda has an interesting art discussion on her blog,check it out.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am now the proud owner of a PETER MAX

Well today I met "the man" and bought a piece of his art. I even asked if I could hug him he said sure,and we hugged. The package was an authentic piece of acrylic painted art on paper,8X10 in size in a amazing frame,which he signed to me on the back and doodled more art. I also got my photo with him by his photographer,which was kewl and will be mailed to me. I also was given his new book (you gotta see it) signed inside to me again,and more artsy doodles by him. The dear man is now 70,and his show was fabulous, but I couldn't swing the 20-75 grand range. I am beyond thrilled to own a PETER MAX! The gradiated colors of orange on the piece are fab as well as the heart. The hearts were done after the Berlin Wall came down,he was born in Berlin. People were there with old posters etc for him to sign. I got front of the line since I bought a piece there. One man I chatted with had one of thirteen pieces he bought in the 70's. It was impressive. It was like a rock concert with all the music and him bopping,and us enthralled.
A piece I loved was a cow,in his style...story behind it is,the cow was headed to the slaughter house and she ran and jumped the fence,so Peter Max got her and took her to his place to live! Can you not love this man?

Friday, May 2, 2008

"The May Queen"

Laying low this week. Here is my "May Queen" for the season. She was one of my favorites that I did. This is a season to be outside,now if I can just find energy. Happy May to all.