Monday, December 27, 2010

my fabulous wall of art by Lisa Bebi

The best present of the year came from Lisa Bebi. I can't stop looking at this wall of art of my family. The wall had been waiting for just the right pieces of art. We just repainted to a better shade of gold, more modern then the last. Not liking to hang things too fast til they call out for a particular space this wonderful box of art of my family came in the mail! Thank you so much Lisa!!!
Today my book that Dale Copeland did for us of "Portrait of the artist" came and my self portrait collage looked so nice in it...thanks so much Dale for all you do for collage artists!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The wonderful Dale Copeland has our art online

Please tell me what you think of my piece in the artist portrait exhibit online! Thanks! (click right above to go to the site)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Back aches feet ache but what a fun day in DC...Trying to get in a museum weekly, but it has been 2 weeks now. Takes alot to think about and recovering from walking.zzzzzzzz

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes its the little things

Lately all I have energy for is small projects. I loved Teesha Moore's videos on how she does her booklets. With weeding out magazines(hoarder of mags) and needing to try something new I did some of her style. I can't stop sitting out on the sunporch and enjoying these fabulous fall days of long shadows and changing skies. Knowing that I will miss these days of open windows and shade trees too soon...I have been doing lap projects...having alot of fond memories and enjoying the simple things of life.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Help my husband is retiring soon!!!!!

Things I adore about him...
1. He can watch the same movies 10 times but we can never agree on a new movie.
2.Mowing is meditational for him.
3.He watches movies SO LOUD but he can't hear me yelling for him.
4.He adores the dog but the dog growls at me.
5.Now you see him now you don't...he is all over the place when he is home.
6.He hates going out.
7.He thinks my movies or shows are too loud.
8.His snoring can't stand my snoring.
9.He loves food shopping...he is surrounded by the things he loves.
10.He can fall asleep when we (rarely) go out I am that interesting to him.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Somerset Studio Gallery summer 2010

An artist buddy in San Diego who I met online,Lisa Bebi, is in this issue of Somerset Studio Gallery,summer 2010. She does these fabulous paintovers of photo's, magazine pics,etc. I have admired her from her first article in these magazines and told her so. This issue is another set of my family she did in her wonderful style of paintovers. Though she teaches her techniques everywhere she has a style not to be duplicated...we all try. I so appreciate her using my family as often as she has. God knows I own the mother load of old photos.
I just know my parents love her and would be amazed they are in magazines and on peoples walls. The article she wrote about them was so touching to my heart. LOVE YA LISA, I am sure they do also!

Monday, May 24, 2010

back to some original forms of LOVE

I've become a gardener and I never had a green thumb. It all started with some Irises that grew in my yard,from the previous owners of this house. I fell in love and read up on them. I dug up the old bulb in the fall and seperated and replanded these extras I got off the overgrown original bulb. They LIVED and flouished to my suprise. Now I am in love with Irises.
I also pulled out unfinished projects recently one of which is a quilt. "the OJ Simpson trial quilt" it was always called...when I started it the original OJ murder trial was on. Then my niece reminded me the second time he was on trial I worked on it more. You can't see the stitches but there are hand/glove stitched imprints in the centers of the color squares. I could elaborate more but I wonder if he is due for another trial ? because I am ready to finish up on it. I think I may add another outside border,even though this was to be a wall hanging,way back. I have always loved quilting.
Another unfinished thing is a large painting that needed colors changed for me to like it. No pics yet on it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

One of the pieces for the ICE exchange

I really enjoyed doing my "Talking Heads" series this year for the International Collage Exchange. I often get stumped with backgrounds,being a minimalist. I used some saved papers from my collection and magazine art that resembled faces. I then added cut out words from old books that I normally turn into poems. The hands were to give a sort of expression to the words. I must say bizzare is my favorite way to express in collage. Pretty is not my thing. Hope you enjoy all 13 of them in the exchange folks,I sure do enjoy my return envelope of yours yearly.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caught my collages on the wall at Climate Gallery

So I can now add Climate Gallery in NY to my list of shows I have been in. I love seeing people looking at your own art in shows. I didn't add a price for the "rejection factor" lol. I am sure Dale Copeland will soon display our Internationl collage exchange on her site. I did a fun bizzare series called "Talking Heads".

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow

Small dogs hate snow! My dog held his bowels for 2 days til Ed shoveled him a pathway. As you can see by the car pic it's rather deep and more on the way!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Somehow I got thru December and January

I have had my car plowed into and still not fixed by "her" insurance yet...took forever. Tomorrow the car finally goes into the shop. Never had a claim take so long,guess she thought my car went sideways into the front of her car....(seperate incident)Wound up in the hospital for what felt like true heart attack symptoms,including near syncope. Was on a monitor and had a stress test everything passed,whew it was scarey. I have a very high tolerance of pain too, so it felt very real.
Got myself into a very fun long term group collage with all the scrap goodies from many other artists. Sending that one in soon to Somerset Studio. Submitted to the "Climate Gallery's" upcoming mixed media show. Finished my 13, "International Collage Exchange" collages and they are almost in the mail to Dale Copeland in NZ for this coming exchange.
It's been a most unusual winter for me. Pretty sucky but I am managing to get some things done between facebook,online scrabble and naps. Missing all my blog buddies lately and all the amazing art online in their websites.