Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks to all of you for the compliments!

Why is it that it means so much to artists hearing someone,anyone else likes their art? As if we need constant approval. I know a few of us have discussed this. It's even hard for us to release our art into the world and not hear how it's doing or if it is still loved as much as when the person bought it,if not why,or send it back home please. I know we give "birth" to it so to speak,and want it to be loved,as we loved it. But we artists need that constant approval,why? Yet we really,in most ways, don't let it get in the way of a new idea. Hmm...
I am so happy having a 2 page spread in Somerset Studio,July Aug. It inspired me to keep going again. I spent a hot day on the sunporch making this thank you to Jenny Doh for liking my pieces enough to publish them. The idea came together when my niece said mermaids were "the thing" at the beach,and that her boss (in the gallery where she works this summer)liked my blog and art things I did. I really had a blast using Jennys face cut out from the magazine to personalize the finished mermaid,and stuff painted gold,and a tiny seahorse necklace around her neck. I love the inspiration and techniques from that magazine,it gives so many of us amidst the other creations we have going on. I am trying to utilize all the little goodies in my "stuff" to add on to things I am working on. Recycled art is a collage artists dream and what we thrive on more then "bought" goodies. It would take me a lifetime to use all my accumulated found and given trinkets.
Thanks again for all the happy compliments,it means so much,unfortunately! I have grown to love my little blog buddies so much. We are there for each other in computerland,due to distances.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank you Somerset Studio and Jenny Doh!

I was just thrilled to open this months magazine "Somerset Studio" and come across this whole spread of my art. Also my article of my love of cities. When I saw what everyone was doing with spray paint these days I got an idea. I have always loved cityscapes especially in the fog or mist. The two just came together for me and my cans of spray paints. Jenny Doh another city lover wrote to me and said she loved them. I do love the city,all cities. It's funny when I take a ride anywhere through country roads I think to myself "where do they go and what do they do?" I am sure working on projects can occupy alot of time in the country,but my inspiration comes from cities. This was a fun article for me to see in a magazine as lovely as Somerset Studio. THANKS!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New collage for Fathers day

There is a call on "Scrapiteria" the collage blog I am part of,for fathers day. I sat down and did a collage today of my dad. It made me think of all his gentle ways. I still hear all his advice in my head. We finally became very good friends towards the end of his life. I spent many waitings in doctors offices with him. He had so many things wrong with him since his car accident and WWII,that it just wasn't fair. I had to explain constantly that each doctor takes his own history and physical and you must update and go over all your symptoms with each. He grew weary of all the surgeries and probes into his body. I was there in the ER the day his aneurysm burst. He was so afraid of dying and yet tired of living. I always felt safe when he was around,and we firgured out alot of answers together. He and mom almost got to their 50th anniversary. Nothing was the same when he was gone. Moms zest for life went with him. I had little time to mourn since I had to keep mom strong. I miss him so much,he didn't have a mean streak in him. He asked me to take care of mom and I did. He told the docs in the ER "no heroic measures" and it was sad when they informed us he was gone. Dad was given a military funeral in Arlington National Cemetary along with moms ashes. When they blow the bugles and the 21 gun salute you know it's over. He so deserved all that. He was a good man and a gentle man.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I made my first stamp yay!

Twenty years ago when my nephew was born I made this cut out in blue background matted and framed it for his room. So one recent hot day I printed out a smaller version and printed it onto those great rubber squares from I then carved it out and had my very own stamp. I have since done a few more,one is a coffee cup with steam rising. Oh the things you finally get to in life. So much easier then carving wood blocks or linocuts.
HI MOLLY! Thanks for stopping by. Hope work and summer and your trip coming up relieve some stress for you. I am thinking of you kids so so much lately! More nana stories soon I promise. (HUGS auntjoy)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This collage print is up for auction.

I had 2 prints of this digitaly altered collage. I traded one with Neda and donated the other at "Art for Autisim". Can you believe the original collage colors are browns and murky colors. It is amazing what photo programs can do when you play with them. Lately I am playing with my bikini dolls,making up a batch to sell in multiple colors. "Rainbow girls" I think I will call them. I gave one to a very sweet and generous bartender in my favorite spot,when I ever get out for drinks. It helps to get cuts on the bar tab.
My son turned a wicked 40 on June 6th. He was born the day RFK was shot. I remember all the nurses coming in my room not to see my adorable baby but to check out my tv screen.
I've been seeing tattoo's everywhere. I was suprised at the fabric store yesterday when I saw a woman older than me with one. I figured her grandchild talked her into it. I remember the day my mom was going out to birthday lunch with her siblings,dressed as usual in her suit and heels. She had a sleeveless top under her jacket. So I got a washable tattoo out and put it on her arm. She just turned 70 so when she discretely removed her jacket her siblings howled when they saw it. It's one of my all time favorite stories of my proper mom.
If I ever got a tattoo I tell everyone I want nursing home instructions on my chest. "Feed me,call the doctor,change my diaper,I have bedsores on my back,where are my meds." You get the idea.