Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where my collages went the last 2 years of the exchange

Dear Joy,
The collection from last year's collage exhibition/exchange (Ice 12) has finally gone to its new home.
To the new Musee du ArtColle in Plemet, France.
I got this email from Pierre Jean Varet:

Voici en photo le futur lieu du musée artcolle, mais c'est très dur avec les politiques de la mairie - car en attendant c'est chez moi.
une exposition du musée artcolle aura lieu dans ce batiment ( beau , très beau !! ) au mois d'aôut, j'y exposerai des oeuvres de vous, et de vos amis.

I'm not fluent in French so have to put his emails through one of the online translation sites, but I believe he'll be mounting an exhibition of your works this August. The new building looks great ... stone, the old mayor's building of Plemet. Nice.
PS the collection from this year, Ice13, has gone to The Learning Connexion in Wellington, New Zealand. And next year it will go to Aotea Utanganui, the Museum of South Taranaki, in Patea, New Zealand.