Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween story parts 1-7 read down

There was this mental hospital up in the mountains. Two of their patients escaped. There was blood everywhere. Many hospital workers are now dead. It's all over the news. BEWARE!

Part 2 Halloween

It is not known how they got so far away from the hospital in the mountains.

Part 3 Halloween

It was said they went to a very exclusive private school before they were sent away.

Part 4 Halloween

They love to go out to eat. Who knows what they eat.

Part 5 Halloween

They have been showing up everwhere.

Part 6 Halloween

They were last seen walking thru your town.

Part 7 Halloween

So if you hear a knock on your door on Halloween. Don't open it please!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lovely day/great art show opening

My art group "Women Artists Forum" had another great opening today. Paula,my little daughter/buddy who went with me, even bought 3 pieces of art herself. Then off to Starbucks to catch up. It was a colorful fall day though a bit warm. I am also getting a batch of collages ready for the next holiday show coming up. Above is just a fun series of collages called "Talking heads".

Monday, October 15, 2007

BLOG action day contribution!

Circadian Rhythms outa wack!

Fall/Winter always does a number on my sleep patterns. I am now tired earlier and up earlier. My meds are great and I feel so much better. I love my doc! AHHH the Ocean was wonderful! Thanks you all for the nice comments and wishes. I got a few more art journaling pages done while away. I wrote about the time my husband and I stayed at the "Chelsea Hotel" in the early 70's in NY,on my insistance. (Dylan stayed there)Came home to my old job calling me back and I am going with bells on. I adore seeing the city everyday. Being only a couple hours each day the job is ideal. Gets me up and going and dying to get home to projects. I have 2 more art shows coming up with my art group. So this week,lol,life is goooood!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Heading to the Ocean this week be back too soon

My cat scan was fine YAY! My meds have really made me feel much much better. On thyroid and cholesterol meds,oh the joy of aging. I am elated and a few days at the ocean,what a plus. I have been getting some pages ready to write on. This one I painted for a ocean sunrise. Most of my journalings are way too private after I write in them. I have always been overly private. aaahhhh I can hear the ocean already! Will Be back!

Playing with a great free page from the center of Stampington Mag. Just a colorful page.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

the "talking heads" series

Finished my International Collage Exchange series already and am on to another collage series. This one is the "Talking Heads" series which has been alot of fun. I went thru alot of art magazines and found alot of the art looks like faces if you find the right angle. What do you think? Do you see a face? Then I added some goofy wording after I added eyes and hands.
Still waiting for the CAT scan results but am feeling alot better since the new meds for the cholesterol and thyroid. Even did a gallery jaunt today,got in 5'ish galleries. Lots of yummy art and some familiar names. Then the library,I was bookless again!