Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I can feel the end of summer

I go thru a range of emotions when autumn is near. I love the colors but I get very melancoly. I am working on some new color combos. Back to art play time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"The Sun Queen" a fun little project

I am sending this piece to Claudine Intner for "ART FOR AUTISIM" her cause. She has been raising alot of money in the auctions. I hope she likes it. More then taht I hope it sells for her.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I love these little statues on my shelf

The scan of these little 3-4inch statues came out very interesting. I used a cloth over the scanner since the lid wouldn't close over them and make it dark enough to scan . The fabric I used was a brick pattern. It almost gives a nightime feel. I am liking this idea. Meanwhile today I saw the surface of the dining room table for a change. I am cleaning for a change in hopes a new idea will emerge. Usually when I clean off the table of all my paints papers etc,I am ready to start again. It isn't often I see any surface top in my house. Yes I am a art slob. Glad I finally got around to scanning in these adorable handmade townhouses! They were purchased years ago in a cute shop at the beach. I have never found them since to buy as gifts for everyone who has lusted after them.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Timekeeper" is the name of this collage.

I woke late 10am to the guys cleaning out the newly emptied out garage. I sat out on the back porch and watched while drinking my coffee's. The air was cool and wondeful. When more awake I divided and trimmed back my bearded Iris clumps and weeded out their spot. I went to get some garden soil and mulch for them. I think I found a tree to replace our fallen tree. Then started a lovely steady rain to help my transplants along. I took a good book I found at the library out on the sunporch to read all afternoon. I looked at some art and craft books in between. Then we had a glass of wine and burgers on the grill loaded with onion,yum. It was just one of those wonderful days that came together nicely! Got lots of ideas for this coming week and am already working on Dale Copelands yearly collage exchange.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Too much coffee too many wonderful blogs!

I had the good fortune to be near the trash (yes I was buying wine) when the wine shop tossed out the poster for this "yellow tail wine". I played in my photo program with it and I love the results!
Today I drank coffee and looked at some wonderful blogs. Left alot of comments also.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My entry for Street team Crusade 11 (click here)

Song by Bob Dylan performed by Eddy Vedder...crank this up please!

YAY I sold another piece of art!

The piece of art I had at the "Circle Gallery" in Annapolis sold to David in Connecticut. He bought one of my all time favorites. This was the first show I put the piece in. I had a feeling it would sell. I develop an attachment to some of my art. It could never be duplicated,as most art is a moment in time.

The picture above is my friend Janet Mishners collage. I love the detail of this girl. Janet is amazing with collage. This piece could draw me in often. I love it!

I am currently working on some pieces for Jenny Doh. She seems interested in what I sent her. They are follow ups to Michelle Wards spray painted art in Somerset Studio's wonderful magazine. Too hot to be outside spraying for long.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The death of a tree

If you know anything about me you know I love trees. I have planted more trees in all my places than most ever owned. I even got my promised city tree a year before I moved. I visit it and my other trees often. Dad even had a favorite tree he loved in all seasons. It was on Charles Street,a lovely main road. That road was moms favorite road. His tree is also now gone as my front tree is.

Friday a freak fast moving storm with hail blew thru my street and got my tree. The tree landed in my front yard and damaged my fence. I mourn the tree more. Today they came and cut down the rest of the tree,it was too weak. Now I am sad and left with 2 large trees in my immediate yard. The fallen tree was outside my property and a street tree. Nothing is lovelier then streets covered in trees. Sadly my street has one less and it is my tree. Why my tree???

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The little man

Don't let Pete's cute face fool you. He is "in the dog house" lately. Pete is banned once again from the bed. How can something this small take up all the space? You dare not leave the bed and expect to come back quietly and reclaim your space. To top it off he snarls and gets nasty with you. As if I will just let him have my side of the bed and sleep on the floor! So Pete is mad today but too bad. I did this print of Pete and painted it "Warhol" style,it came out neato. I am liking this idea.