Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scarey cabinet card huh?

This looked like a grandma that shoulda been run over by a reindeer,but wasn't. Hoping she isn't a real relative. I've used her in so many funny pieces but I think Halloween was her calling in life.
When I was little we had a big old house up the road that we thought looked haunted. Someone would dare the others to knock on the door. A women came out throwing hot water (oil?) at us,she looked like this woman in person. You became scared to walk by the house. Then again I've had nuns in grade school that looked worse then this woman...I had the special order of biker nuns teaching me. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leftover sentences

This is another "altered book" journal page I enjoyed doing. I came across these unrelated book pages I cut from a few books I've used, to make space. If you do altered books you know how you must make space for bulkier pages you will be doing. Spent alot of time browsing and cutting out great sentences to compose feelings I've felt. A kind of poetry/prose to go on the desolate tree page I painted. Loved how it came out,such "re-recycled" use of a book.I really feel this poem it sounds like a written collage to me. Here is what it says...

this winter in my life/ retreat of sound and sight/
that so bogged me down/ yellow shivering through/
as when in my childhood/
the nostalgic edgelight of an afternoon/ whirling through the streets/
and somewhat like a bird/ they keep taking away your future/
from a lifetime of guilt and worry/
too charged with inner light/ I should have taken more risks/
at the tail end of a delicate cycle/
between potential and a finished work/
as if hands were enough/ on everything paper/
after a week of long rains/
sails gleaming towards the stars/

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Notice the ID badge

Another art journal page about hospital work. My handwriting is awful lately so it says...
Some people are just hospital people and some aren't. Mom and I worked in hospitals most of our work lives. We loved most everything about it. The hustle and bustle of the days and the quiet calm of the evening shift except the ER's. She did alot of transcription and managing. I did alot of clerical transcribing of doctors orders for the nursing stations. Try reading doctors handwriting all day,not easy! Mom went on to managing in Philly and I wound up in admitting patients. I know we both became burnt out when the hospitals became more about the money and not patients.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My ideal art studio.

This was a fun collage of layers of doors stairs and vegetation,as if a tree house. It was rejected by "Somerset Studio" but hey they have printed others I did in their lovely magazines.
OK question,I need your attention for a short story as I am backing out of a parking place a car pulled up behind me,the couple kissed and she got out. The guy driving was n a hurry to not block me any longer so he helped her get her bags out of the back seat. He hit his car door with one bag and I heard a loud smash. He got back in and was driving off when the woman looked into the bag and yelled "That's the one I needed" and broke down and sobbed. I had a deadline and had to leave but I spent the whole day wondering...what would make a younger woman break down and sob in public for some time,about "the one I needed" that broke in her bag??? Give me your opinion please. "Needed" is a heavy word so I am not thinking it was something monetary. "Wanted" would have been less heavy a word I would think had it been replaceable.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Colorplay in my art journals

I have been having a blast with my art journals. These pages are what I call just for fun color play. I have been readying up more art journal pages as well as starting a new journal book. These are things I do between major art projects. Whats fun is I can still sit outside on my beloved sun porch,as autumn is in the air. If you have never tried an art journal warning they are totally addictive. So much to them then just a plain ole journal of thoughts. You can paint or clip pieces to capture feelings,no one needs to see your finished projects til,are gone. Like Bob Dylan says "If my thoughts and dreams could be seen,they'd probably put my head in a guillotine". But it's nice to tell someone,if only a journal.