Friday, March 28, 2008

Painting old black and white photo's

OK here is my newest thing,inspired by online buddy Lisa Bebi. I am so in awe of what she did with old B&W photo's I had to try it myself. Everytime I saw her stuff in Somerset Studio's I was amazed and thinking I must try that. I have so many great old photo's and a very colorful family of redheads. Also in my drawers tons of wonderful K&Company papers to use. The whole thing just went together for me. I love the effect and these two darling little girls,my mom(the redhead)and her sister. I have also done others of mom and dad,dad little etc. More to come.
The first born lovebird "Sean" is now flying,and may be moving to a new home. I adore him but it seems we will be having more babies soon. The second born is promised to another also. I know I will cry when they go.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Could the BIG apple be far?

OK still working on another fun art project but had to do a new collage for you. Sean the first born love bird went flump to the bottom of the cage Friday. He doesn't know how to fly yet so like a worried mom I lowered the nest box to the bottom. Now they all walk around the bottom of the cage in their Easter finery. I may have the first walking lovebirds. Now both babies like this idea alot since I also moved the seed down to their reach.
I had on some Barry White music the other day and the adult lovebirds went to town so bad I had to turn off the soul music. I guess Barry gets to everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Working on more is an older collage

Done with paper and acrylics,on matboard. More later,got new things in the works.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sean is getting ready to leave the nest!

This morning Sean has been peeking out of the nest box. He is also practicing wing flapping inside and chirpies. The other baby is a few days behind. I hear them in class practicing all kinds of communication skills. John and Yoko are outside the nesting box much more often,leaving them alone. It's almost time!!! We have a taker for the second one I want to keep Sean with us,since he is my first born lovebird. But it appears there may be more on the way,ykes. I may need a boy/girl cage before much longer. Since I bought my 2 for $25 each I think it's a fair price if I sell some,huh? Opinion? Looks like Sean has Yoko's colors.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Playing with old photo's.

This is an old photo of my maternal grandmother. I love the photo and the saying so I put them together. I am really having even more fun with old photo's I will show them soon! Been busy learning a new technique and having great results,be back soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A must post pic I found in old photo's of moms

Now this is a very old photo of who knows who these folks are. Tell me if the boy way over on the right is playing the ummm "air guitar". Some things never change huh? Is that just too funny? Wish I had the story behind this photo. It was like it just appeared in the box,never saw it ever ever!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

OK I've been tagged by Gypsy Froggie and Neda

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A me-me about me! YAWN!

1.I have been an extra in 2 John Waters movies..."Serial Mom" and "Desperate Living".In fact in "Serial Mom" I spent 2 days about 4 feet away and facing Kathleen Turner thinking to myself "imagine how many men would die for this spot I am in"
2.I have lived my whole life in Maryland other then a few months in Missouri when my ex.had to finish military duties.
3.Mostly men buy my larger pieces of art. One of my largest pieces was sold to a "big wheel" in T.Rowe Price a large financial institution in town. (My larger art is nothing like my smaller art.)
4.I have one son although I always badly wanted to adopt but never got around to it.
5.I prefer cities to country living. Or beachfront to mountains.
6.I was thrilled to be published in Somerset Studios and Legacy magazines and have another piece in an upcoming article that Jenny Doh personally wrote to me for.
7.I am dying to do a road trip across country to New Mexico.
I am now tagging 7 others below:
Jen Worden/Kathy Wasilewski/Kris Cahill/Lindsay Brackeen/Maria Avila/Sarah Winkler/Tracy Roos