Monday, November 17, 2008

Brrrr it's here again,winter!

My exchange collages have arrived in New Zealand,yay. I really love the series I did this time. This piece is similar in style but not same subject I used in the series. I am enjoying recycling old brown bags I have. This piece stands out to me as the crazy gift shopping time of Christmas. Times are tight and it won't be as lavish as previous years for most folks. But again remind ourselves of winter solstice. I noticed there aren't as many people in the malls and stores as in the past. The pet shop was the busiest with on lookers. Amazing how their puppies are on sale,not their typical over charged prices. I don't know why I torture myself going in and wanting each one more then the last one. So cute! My body feels ready for hybernation now,how bout you?


Marilyn Rock said...

Joy; winter always sets a tone, for me; I'm ready for it. I guess I'm not a "heat" person and this is why; not a fan of summer. I love fall and when winter arrives, I don't mind having it dictate my days and evenings. The worst that happens.....I have more time to paint :)

Cory said...

This collage makes me shiver...I get cold in 55 degree weather, that's cold in Arizona,

Thanks for checking my blog and the nice comment.

Trish said...

she is right-the collage does make you shiver!! it's really good:) Thanks for the comment-I am pretty excited!! We are off to watch the Twilight movie now (I am excited about that too, though I am afraid it won't live up to the book) I hope to chat again soon, I am adding you to my links so I don't forget to come back!!
have a good evening