Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Collaged christmas balls

Every year I make a new ornament for the tree. These are some of my old ornaments I made in the past. The tree is decorated and hanging on the wall,yes hanging...found an ideal tree in a catalog that hangs from a hook on the wall,a half tree. My dad was years ahead of himslef,he thought this idea up years ago when we called him the grinch. It makes perfect sense in a smaller house. The tree takes up no floor space.
I made a couple ornaments this year as gifts and one for my tree. Went to my favorite mall for train displays,a yearly event. What a fabulous display at Kenilworth,a small but favorite mall. Found an ornament in a shop there I just had to get. It took me an hour to decide since they reminded me of Cirque de Soliel(?)sp. Each ornament was amazing. My trees are eclectic like my home is,nothing is a set. I must admit that was one "set" I could have bought if each one wasn't in the ten dollar range. What a fun day my friend and I had watching trains and kids eyes as they watched the trains. That was the best part of the holidays.


Marilyn Rock said...

Joy; great ornaments! I LOVE the thought of your half tree! Brilliant!

Abby Creek Art said...

Nice job on the ornaments, Joy...the colors are gorgeous and I bet they'll SPARKLE with warm light on your tree.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xox

Gypsy said...

I love the ornies! I wish "I" had a half tree! I am a grinch! LOL

Cory said...

Joy, The ornaments are beautiful and the half tree idea the greatest.

Thank you for the visit to my blog, glad you liked the jewelry on my etsy.

Gallery Juana said...

I like the deep and rich colors of these collaged ornaments.

rochambeau said...

Beautiful and very creative Joy!! Would make a beautiful gift too!
And a cool party idea for people of all ages!

Neda said...

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT! I am writing a post just like yours!!! Great artists minds think alike!!

Missed you.

Kisses and Happy Holidays!!!

mcdc3s said...

These are great.
I will stock up on some plain ones after christmas to do up myself.
I love the collage!

Unknown said...

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