Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too hot and too painful

The pic is my niece Molly and her boyfriend in front of the pyramids on her world travels this summer.
I have spent most of the summer doing nothing much but sleeping in air. All my joints hurt lately and my esophageal reflux has been nasty at night. OK I am hating this aging thingie. Spend my time looking at my nieces travel pics online,that lucky lady!
I painted the canvas for my big group collage piece and hope to start it soon. I vision it in my head and spent lots of time thinking it out. If anyone else is sending me painted scraps do so now please.
One nice hot weather thing is sitting on the sunporch and ordering from catalogs. Since I hate shopping this is the way to go.


Elizabeth said...

The life of the young is so exciting and so much more interesting than middle age!
Super picture.

Marilyn Rock said...

Hope you start feeling better Joy! This is a great picture of Molly and her boyfriend!

Leslie said...

I love the picture of your niece and her boyfriend in front of the pyramid.

I'm like you -- I hate the heat and humidity and today is pretty awful on both counts.

Can't wait to see your group collage piece!

notmassproduced said...

lucky niece! looking forward to seeing the artwork and hope you feel better soon .

Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a cool picture to be able to be in, huh? Wish it were me! How exciting!

trish said...

Great pic! hope you feel better!!