Monday, May 24, 2010

back to some original forms of LOVE

I've become a gardener and I never had a green thumb. It all started with some Irises that grew in my yard,from the previous owners of this house. I fell in love and read up on them. I dug up the old bulb in the fall and seperated and replanded these extras I got off the overgrown original bulb. They LIVED and flouished to my suprise. Now I am in love with Irises.
I also pulled out unfinished projects recently one of which is a quilt. "the OJ Simpson trial quilt" it was always called...when I started it the original OJ murder trial was on. Then my niece reminded me the second time he was on trial I worked on it more. You can't see the stitches but there are hand/glove stitched imprints in the centers of the color squares. I could elaborate more but I wonder if he is due for another trial ? because I am ready to finish up on it. I think I may add another outside border,even though this was to be a wall hanging,way back. I have always loved quilting.
Another unfinished thing is a large painting that needed colors changed for me to like it. No pics yet on it.


rochambeau said...

Dear Joy,
It is exciting that your pretty Irises called your name and were able to lure you in. Now you are part of your garden!

Keep on Quilting~ I know you will finish the Oj one soon!!

Happy night to you!

Cory said...

Love the unfinished quilt and what a great story.

The flowers are gorgeous too.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

my husband and I rented a house on the beach for a year after we were first married - and in the spring up popped some beautiful purple iris flowers! I was so surprised. Whenever I see an iris it reminds me of our little "honeymoon shack"

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Gardens - collage of the earth. Of course you can do it!