Monday, May 28, 2007

This ducks life has been saved

This little guy was walking around the center of a highway.I of course did a u turn and went back to get him,though I was afraid to look at that point.I looked around for his mom with himin my hands,but sniff,no mom.So I took him home gave him water and the lawn for awhile.I could tell he wasn't a teeny tiny baby.I fell in love real fast.I called my animal hospital told them the story and then drove him up.They called the wildlife people who took him to a good home.I think of him every day.It wouldn't have been fair to keep him.I told him if he ever flew by to stop and say hi to me and to have a great life!

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jmishner said...

Hey!! Lucky ducky who found Joy!! I love your art, your collages, etc. You are such a committed artist, and you always were, even before you called yourself an artist!