Monday, October 15, 2007

Circadian Rhythms outa wack!

Fall/Winter always does a number on my sleep patterns. I am now tired earlier and up earlier. My meds are great and I feel so much better. I love my doc! AHHH the Ocean was wonderful! Thanks you all for the nice comments and wishes. I got a few more art journaling pages done while away. I wrote about the time my husband and I stayed at the "Chelsea Hotel" in the early 70's in NY,on my insistance. (Dylan stayed there)Came home to my old job calling me back and I am going with bells on. I adore seeing the city everyday. Being only a couple hours each day the job is ideal. Gets me up and going and dying to get home to projects. I have 2 more art shows coming up with my art group. So this week,lol,life is goooood!

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Scott said...

If you think about it though, circadian rhythyms keep us in tune with the light/dark cycle. So when it gets dark earlier, our ancestors just went to sleep earlier. We use artificial lights to fight it, but it's our natural state. I think that's why there's so much SAD seasonal affective disorder, because we are out of sync with nature.
Read the book lights out! for more on this.