Friday, December 28, 2007

"The last flower child"

Loving using up alot of old saved pieces of papers. Sometimes the words come first other times the images. Love when it becomes one collage! I am now also on "Scrapeteria" blog with other collage artists. I had a man say to my face at the last show I was in "since when does tearing up pieces of paper become art", hrrump!


jenw said...

uhm. hellooo?!? I hope you told the guy that collage has been around since the invention of paper! Sometimes I marvel at the stoopid things that come out of people's mouths. I *try* and give'em the benefit of the doubt figuring maybe, just maybe, they're all *verklempt* and can't think of anything appropriate to say. But sometimes, some folks, just need to be smacked upside the head with a Clue by 4! xoxo

Sweet Irene said...

What a silly man to say such a silly thing. Obviously not a connoisseur! Those kind of people should be forbidden to speak at art shows or to enter them.

I think your collage today is very lovely and I want to thank you for coming by my blog and giving me your input. I sure appreciate it.

Keep tearing paper! It does wonders for all of us!

Bobbie said...

Joy, I am absolutely falling in love with your collages. I love this flower child. The flower, the insects, especially the bee, and the background are all wonderful. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Jonathan said...

Congratulations on "The Last Flower Child." And about the comment you quoted, remember what Sibelius said: "Pay no attention to the critics... No one ever erected a monument to a critic." Or, as one of your heroes said: "The first one now will later be last..."

Linda Nigro said...

I came upon your blog thru Collageart and I love your work. I'm a soap designer (they call it melt and pour a horrible name) and many times people have told me it's not art. I've even been shut out of juried shows because they (organizers) don't consider soapmaking an art form.

But anyway your stuff is great and I'm a want to be collage artist trying to find my way and your art has inspired me to just explore who I am.

Linda Nigro

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

I love love love this collage ... it is so so cool!! Very mysterious! Great you are on Scrapteria! Sometimes I want to collage with paper to join!

There were many great artists who in their own times weren't considered artists because they did things differently ... too bad for him!!

~ Diane Clancy

Sandra T said...

Poor man to be so blind. Your collage is wonderful, the images and the placement of everything. Know what you mean about the holiday season. I don't always know what I want to say when starting a collage, but I know what it means when it's finished. Just came across your blog linking from the ICE group - shall have an explore now. Best wishes.

Neda said...

Joy!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU for joining Scrapiteria; it's loads of fun! And your beautiful collages fit right in.

Just ignore this ignoramus!

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

This is just lovely. My first visit, thank you.