Tuesday, December 4, 2007

please let December fly past gently!

Maybe because my family becomes their most "freaked out" selves during holidays. Like parent bashing at Thanksgiving or other times. Like it's never enough you can do for them! Dec 19th almost 2years ago I finally had my parents ashes placed in Arlington National Cemetary. This was after arguing a couple years with the Govt who lost my dads WWII overseas purple heart combat military records. I found all the info I needed in moms papers after mom died. It was not easy working out the full military service for my parents who so deserved this send off. (Imagine them losing awol papers? I doubt it.) The hoidays to me are a joke nowdays,consumerism at it's worst! Please be gentle during this time someone like me may be out there.


Rima said...

Hear, hear! This should be a time for families and friends to gather and have a good time, not to spend fortunes and try to outdo one another.

What an ordeal to go through with your parents' final resting place - but I'm glad it's in the past.

Come get a copy of my peace dove, I offer it with love for the holidays.

That's a dark and stormy artwork today! Hope you'll stay away from the crowds and show us more of your lovely creations.

Debi said...

Hello Joy...I found you again! I had forgotten where I came across your blog (I've been thinking about those Wicked red eyed girls and their mischief on Halloween) and then I noticed the link on Rima's blog. Yay!

Oooo, and a dark, broody collage today, too. It looks like it was a painful one to do, and yet something about it is tender. I suspect that "tender" part is you.

(I've added your blog to my read list so I won't lose it again!)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

I am glad you *eventually* got things straightened out with your parents burial. Nothing like adding insult to injury. So sorry!

This time of year can be hard for sure. I used to be with my family, and for a variety of reasons, no longer ... takes a lot of the joy out of it all for me.

Thank you for your comment. I used to have 37 people who were following by readers according to my little counter ... I tried a free tracking thing for a couple of weeks .. the free stopped and reader numbers went down to 8.

I am sure something got messed up when they stopped tracking me (the 37 was pre the free trial), but to go from 37 to 8 ... well, you can imagine that I feel a little invisible.

thank you,
~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

You know what I like about you, Joy? Your intrepid frankness. I cherish that. Truly. I never know what to expect when I come to visit. I feel there is so much in you that you want to explore and share and NEVER be put off by nbers and stats. Sometimes, it's better to have fewer online friends who really care and write to you as a person than just some comments which say:"this is cute" or "awesome."

The story about your parents hit me deeply. It takes courage to talk about all this... So glad that you sorted it out. I am reminded of this old Chinese curse: "may you live in interesting times," and I tell ya, we all have been living such tough histories.

THe other thing I wanted to share too because we have the same thyroid problems is that before the meds equalize, there are a lot of ups and downs (that's what I have been experiencing)...No fun getting old (at least for me :(

Kisses and hugs, sweet friend :)

Leslie said...

Hi Joy,

I'm feeling a bit like my most "freaked out" self these days, but I do love Christmas, and I hope nothing ever changes that for me. It could. All the pieces are in place for something to alter my perspective.

Good for you for sticking it out to get your folks' ashes in Arlington. And I'm sorry that you don't get any joy from the holidays. I can certainly see how you would be skeptical, and I will be gentle.


Bobbie said...

Joy, thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my post about the good shepherd home. I see from your post that no one is exempt from hard experiences. Our government forgets sometime who their "customer" is. They loose stuff all the time just to keep from having to own up to some of their shenanigans. Now you can be at peace, having done for your parents and them at rest in our National Cemetary where your father can be honored as he well deserves.

Ditto on the holidays from me too. It is all too, too much. A good time with family would mean so much more..forget the wanton spending and gifting.

Neda said...

Joy, I posted somthing with you in mind (Friday Dec 14). Take heart, my friend :)

Gypsy said...

Well, I am glad you did get your parents in the right place finally! That is a wonderful thing to do, and took a lot of work I am sure!

Family, Holidays, expectations...I could sleep until after valentines day and be ok! LOL

This year I don't even have a tree, not doing presents...and it is ok, I don't think I am going to burn or anything! LOL