Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sean is getting ready to leave the nest!

This morning Sean has been peeking out of the nest box. He is also practicing wing flapping inside and chirpies. The other baby is a few days behind. I hear them in class practicing all kinds of communication skills. John and Yoko are outside the nesting box much more often,leaving them alone. It's almost time!!! We have a taker for the second one I want to keep Sean with us,since he is my first born lovebird. But it appears there may be more on the way,ykes. I may need a boy/girl cage before much longer. Since I bought my 2 for $25 each I think it's a fair price if I sell some,huh? Opinion? Looks like Sean has Yoko's colors.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

So cool that they are learning!! Yes, I think it is fair to sell them - especially since you paid for them.

Think about if there is any guarantee about how long they live and all ... just to keep things clear - I have no idea how it works with birds ...

~ Diane Clancy

belinha said...

25 dolars each?I think that each bird I saw in the shop was 30 euros...:-)