Saturday, March 1, 2008

OK I've been tagged by Gypsy Froggie and Neda

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A me-me about me! YAWN!

1.I have been an extra in 2 John Waters movies..."Serial Mom" and "Desperate Living".In fact in "Serial Mom" I spent 2 days about 4 feet away and facing Kathleen Turner thinking to myself "imagine how many men would die for this spot I am in"
2.I have lived my whole life in Maryland other then a few months in Missouri when my ex.had to finish military duties.
3.Mostly men buy my larger pieces of art. One of my largest pieces was sold to a "big wheel" in T.Rowe Price a large financial institution in town. (My larger art is nothing like my smaller art.)
4.I have one son although I always badly wanted to adopt but never got around to it.
5.I prefer cities to country living. Or beachfront to mountains.
6.I was thrilled to be published in Somerset Studios and Legacy magazines and have another piece in an upcoming article that Jenny Doh personally wrote to me for.
7.I am dying to do a road trip across country to New Mexico.
I am now tagging 7 others below:
Jen Worden/Kathy Wasilewski/Kris Cahill/Lindsay Brackeen/Maria Avila/Sarah Winkler/Tracy Roos


Kris Cahill said...

Hi Joy, thanks for the tag. I guess I'm it, huh?

I like the list of facts about you you've shared here. The one about being an extra for John Waters was pretty fun. I love his films, and got to see him speak at a theatre in Chicago called the Annoyance Theatre, years ago.

I also prefer cities to country living. Beachfront too.

Do that roadtrip! I have and it's great!! I want to do another.

I love your art! It is wonderful.

tracy said...

sweets, I loved reading this about you...I recently saw a little clip from a recent kathleen turner interview on E!'s The Soup...did you see it? (maybe will be on youtube). It hits home the fact that while our 20 year old self is still inside the person we are today, only the lucky few ever sees them physically. love you! oxox

Abby Creek Art said...

Good tag comments, Joy...very interesting about men buying your work the most.

And yes...get thyself to New Mexico. It's a beautiful, mysterious place!

Neda said...

Thanks for being such a good sport and so sorry for visiting so late. I have been on an extended sabbatical but now I am back and I am looking forward to accompanying you in that journey.

P.S. Did you accomplish what you needed to do with the photos (re-email)?