Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks to all of you for the compliments!

Why is it that it means so much to artists hearing someone,anyone else likes their art? As if we need constant approval. I know a few of us have discussed this. It's even hard for us to release our art into the world and not hear how it's doing or if it is still loved as much as when the person bought it,if not why,or send it back home please. I know we give "birth" to it so to speak,and want it to be loved,as we loved it. But we artists need that constant approval,why? Yet we really,in most ways, don't let it get in the way of a new idea. Hmm...
I am so happy having a 2 page spread in Somerset Studio,July Aug. It inspired me to keep going again. I spent a hot day on the sunporch making this thank you to Jenny Doh for liking my pieces enough to publish them. The idea came together when my niece said mermaids were "the thing" at the beach,and that her boss (in the gallery where she works this summer)liked my blog and art things I did. I really had a blast using Jennys face cut out from the magazine to personalize the finished mermaid,and stuff painted gold,and a tiny seahorse necklace around her neck. I love the inspiration and techniques from that magazine,it gives so many of us amidst the other creations we have going on. I am trying to utilize all the little goodies in my "stuff" to add on to things I am working on. Recycled art is a collage artists dream and what we thrive on more then "bought" goodies. It would take me a lifetime to use all my accumulated found and given trinkets.
Thanks again for all the happy compliments,it means so much,unfortunately! I have grown to love my little blog buddies so much. We are there for each other in computerland,due to distances.


Apple said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed yours as well. Your stuff is amazing.

notmassproduced said...

Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog again and your comment. The round robin is on a yahoo group called altered UK. I'm always up for 1 to 1 swaps if you ever fancy swapping some art. Did i say thanks too for the instructions about how to link to other bogs? I'm hoping to get going with that over the summer and you'll be the first on my list! Thank you and i must try and get hold of Somerset Studio (not easy in the UK!) :o)

patty said...

how fun, I am sure she will love this.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Congratulations on the magazine spread - how exciting!
In regard to our quest for approval, it was the subject of my journaling yesterday. I suppose the need for approval is because our art is an extension of ourselves and if it is accepted then we are accepted. But another thing that came up as well, is that as exciting as it is for me to sell a painting I am more touched when others take the time to comment on how my art has touched them somehow - a reminder of a pleasant memory from an event or a loved one or just the fact that it made them smile. It feels like I've done something to help another in some way. We create our art for ourselves and when someone else connects to it as well it gives us a sense of community even if we never actually meet this person.
Thanks for your visit and comments Joy.

Neda said...

All for one and one for all!! I am so glad that we built our little group. I am thrilled for you, especially that this is inspiring you to keep going. Gone are the days of winter woes!

I have the same feeling as you and I really get very crushed if someone (anyone) criticizes my work. When will I grow up?!!


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Joy! I'm lovin' your new blog look...nice job!

Congrats on the Somerset spread too...that is the coolest!

rochambeau said...

Dear Joy,
How exciting!!! I'll be looking for your work in Aug. It is an honor indeed, for Jenny Doh to admire your work. She is a talented woman too!

Don't you think all people want to be understood? Compliments cost nothing and have the power to change the course of a life!
Another happy Post!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

Congrats on the spread!! How wonderful!!

I LOVE this collage - really rocks!

~ Diane Clancy