Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Renwal of faith in mankind!

So I am sitting in my car at work this morning trying to catch the end of a song...a man walks out of his townhouse with a great poster celebrating Baltimores Bicentennial dated 1797-1997. The man with him carrying more framed posters of Baltimore by other artists. On his way back to his townhouse I stopped him and said where did you get that great colorful poster saying "Celebrate Baltimore". He said would you like one I have an extra? I said sure, having just been paid. He went in his house and brought out a nicely blue framed poster,said he was a collector. I was telling him, I have a poster of when Harborplace opened in 1980 that many have wanted,but I can't part with. He was impressed with that. But I am an artist and I have some cityscapes in spray paint that happen to be in a 2 page spread right now,in a magazine. I said would you want one in exchange? He said sounds interesting and sure! After more talk we parted ways and I promised to bring him my art soon. Now how wonderful was that? Someone was going to give,for free, a nicely framed poster,not just a rolled up poster that you admired? Made my day!

Just got Tickets ordered to see "The Boss" in August. My friend is a huge fan so ok I said yeah. I love concerts anyway,and he and I did the "Asbury Park" the "Stone Pony" T-shirt trip from Atlantic City this past winter. Last year we saw Bob Seger in D.C.,previously Fleetwood Mac,2 Eagles concerts,Foreigner,Greg Allman,and a Stevie Nicks. My husband sends us with his blessings and isn't into concerts.


firstborn studio said...

very cool joy!
we will have to compare "boss" notes!
he never lets us fact he is still goin' strong after hours and we get worn out watching the energy the man expends!
have fun and keep in touch!


Neda said...

I am sure the guy was harmed by your beautiful smile and accent :)

Nice post

rochambeau said...

The story about you, the gentleman and the posters makes my heart smile.
Good people attract goodness!
Happy forth of July Joy!


notmassproduced said...

hi there - how nice to read about the nice side of human nature after a day when i was confronted by an aggressive stranger who reduced me to tears! Thank you this made me feel better. Anyway - thanks for your message on my blog and yes, i would love to do a swap tip in or journal page with you. Although you will need to explain what both of these are as i haven't done them before! I've got a vague idea but would need to know a bit more. Thanks :o)

Gallery Juana said...

It is such a treat to visit your blog. Wow ... I haven't been to a concert in a long time. It would be great to see the bands you mentioned in concert. Your spread in the magazine looks great!

mistie said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. So nice to find like minded people. Just returning from vacation so getting caught up here. Will spend more time on your blog over the next few days. Very nice from my quick view!

The Artful Eye said...

Every now and then a random act of kindness restores our faith, even if it didn't happen to us. Thanks for sharing this story it made me smile.

Love these bands. Can't think of the last time I went to a concert. Last time I saw "The Boss" was in Denver, CO where my sis and I played many a hijinks to get to the front row.

Oh yeah.. last concert Sting/Annie Lenox.
Concerts are fun just too costly especially when you can remember seeing these acts for a song.

Leslie said...

What a wonderful story, Joy! I love hearing things like that.

Kris Cahill said...

I am not surprised you attracted such a lovely thing as you have that energy yourself. How fun! Some days I just decide that I am welcoming fun happy surprises, or to be given to. It always seems to work.

I love concerts too. I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Thievery Corporation last month, and have tickets for Nick Cave and Cat Power there in September. Have fun seeing Bruce!

Unknown said...

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