Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby lovebirds again !!!

It's that Barry White music,I'm tellin ya! My lovebirds John and Yoko (above) have hatched 3 more eggs! I'm a grandmother again! My lovebirds are very busy ummm making love, ALOT! So once again it's been a blast watching 3 more eggs turn into tiny pink babies. It's been quite awhile since the last 2 babies,one empty egg in between. This is really exciting to me and I get very attached to the babies as well as John and Yoko. They take turns babysitting on the babies while the other is out eating or rolling papers on the bottom. They roll papers and then carry them under their wings to the nest box. The nest box has one clear plastic side to it,so with a flashlight you can look in. I am closest to John,he is more personable and whistles with me. Poor Yoko I guess doesn't have much time. They love to ride on the hamster wheel,like it's a ferris wheel. Back to my ongoing projects. More later,thanks for coming by all,and all the nice comments!


Neda said...

What a tweet --er- SWEET family.. Too cute.

mistie said...

Oh, your babies are just adorable!
I used to have a pair, years ago before my son was born. They were delightful pets. I'm so happy for you.


mcdc3s said...

Oh they are adorable!
haha... barry white music.
I saw a cute utube video on that.

belinha said...

Hello!!!!Very nice to meet you!!Thank you for loving my collages,yes,Papelustro is where I show my collages.Artsnack is where I keep precious links I find in the art world.I also share your interest for birds.I want to buy two of these!I have periquitos (Budgies?!!!I do not know the english word for sure) since I was a child.But I saw these in a shop and since then I think of buying a pair too!!!I can't live without birds in the house.They have been allways there and I like to watch them and ear them...:-)Thank you for your visit!Have a nice weekend!