Monday, September 1, 2008

My wall is dancing with color right now

I happened to look up on my "studio/computer room" wall and saw this amazing color dancing around. The photo doesn't do it justice naturally. It"s being reflected from my cars tail light red cover. I had to grab the camera for this momentary event.

Speaking of events,I am just finishing up a series of collages for the annual "International Collage Exchange" this year. I am thrilled with these pieces since they were inspired by "my secret place" at the Johns Hopkins School of Health. The first time I catered there,I walked into a gallery of 2 of my favorite artists,Jim Dine and Robert Rauschenberg. I could not believe my eyes,and I was alone with them,each time since. This secret place of mine is so unused and hidden that I feel it's mine all mine. I regret even telling anyone about it. Only Hopkins and their vast array of art could thrill and suprise the unexpectd viewer like me. They can afford it,I am just glad it's presented to me in my very own gallery. Tables around but no one even eating lunch and admiring this art. I have happened upon the most wonderful and inspirational art all over the nooks and crannys in that huge complex of medicine. Why can't they just let me have one piece for my collection,obviously no one would miss it? Instead I made myself a larger collage from my series this year entitled "When Dine met Rauschenberg" (in my secret place)


notmassproduced said...

hi - i love these light patterns - lucky you - the exhibition sounds exciting too :o)

kate said...

Aren't light patterns like an unexpected gift? Yours are lovely. I would love to see some glimpses of your collage series. Good luck with the exchange.

Gallery Juana said...

Pretty light patterns.

I look forward to seeing your collages and hearing more about the event.

Like you, I have begun to notice the art work in public buildings.

Marilyn Rock said...

Love those natural happenings! Cool light patterns there. Your collage event sounds wonderful!