Sunday, August 24, 2008

So school starts huh? Poor teachers!

My ole' buddy Pat and apartment neighbor wayyy back,was a teacher for years. I had done this collage for her to remind her why she is glad to be retired. I am so looking forward to going places without kids all over.
Speaking of GREAT kids my niece Delaney just turned 10!! I have a large bag of presents to take to her whenever I can get an appointment with her. She is again at her beach house this weekend. Her sister Molly returns from Barcelona and enters her final year in YALE. Jake our dear boy goes back to Vermont to college. This is when I will miss them til holidays.


Gallery Juana said...

Cool collage! I like how the selected words communicate various relationships. What fun things do you have planned together?

Marilyn Rock said...

Joy; thanks for the lovely comments you left on my Blog. I am happy I visited yours this morning. I love your Blog! May I link yours on mine? Great collage, here, for your friend. I also see your son lost a friend; my son lost is best friend, last year and we're all still trying to deal with it. Very difficult isn't it?

Mauricio said...

Hello Joy,

Nice collage and blog!


belinha said...

Hi!Yes,school is coming!I have a nephew that is going to start elementary-is this right?!!- school next Monday!Today he went with my sister to see the new school and he liked it.He's 6 years old.I tried to remember my first day at school but can't!:-(

Laura said...

Hi Joy,
I really like the whimsy with this one. Capture the teacher.
Thanks for dropping in to my blog.
Great to chat with like minded people.

Neda said...

I love the humorous twists in your collages. You hit it right!! You must be so proud of these little angels :)

My kiddo just went back to school and instead of "celebrating" my "freedom," I was hit by a nasty flu. Boo hoo :(

Hugs (without the bug)!

Ro Bruhn said...

I love the collage, there's so much character in the face.