Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leftover sentences

This is another "altered book" journal page I enjoyed doing. I came across these unrelated book pages I cut from a few books I've used, to make space. If you do altered books you know how you must make space for bulkier pages you will be doing. Spent alot of time browsing and cutting out great sentences to compose feelings I've felt. A kind of poetry/prose to go on the desolate tree page I painted. Loved how it came out,such "re-recycled" use of a book.I really feel this poem it sounds like a written collage to me. Here is what it says...

this winter in my life/ retreat of sound and sight/
that so bogged me down/ yellow shivering through/
as when in my childhood/
the nostalgic edgelight of an afternoon/ whirling through the streets/
and somewhat like a bird/ they keep taking away your future/
from a lifetime of guilt and worry/
too charged with inner light/ I should have taken more risks/
at the tail end of a delicate cycle/
between potential and a finished work/
as if hands were enough/ on everything paper/
after a week of long rains/
sails gleaming towards the stars/


Leslie said...

Lovely Joy. Nothing like a repurposed book!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love bringing books back to life! You're doing a marvelous job with this! Love the poem.

Neda said...

Very Dada!!!!