Saturday, September 11, 2010



Claudine Intner said...

Beautiful piece, Joy!

Marilyn Rock said...

Joy; thanks for stopping by my Blog! It's been awhile since we've visited one another. I can see I've missed a lot here. Congrats to your husband for retiring; I've always said; it's the best job I've ever had :) My husband and I retired, together, and we're still married! :)

Great remembrance, here, of 9/11. There are a lot of neat posts, out there, in Blog land. We will never forget!

Stay well! xxoo Marilyn
PS I've enjoyed your family photos in Lisa's work, too.

Pat Chapman-Mixed Media Artist said...

Joy, this is beautiful. Such a reminder. It was an awful and painful day, but your piece has a heavenly quality about it. Hopeful.

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Raine said...

This is such a lovely piece. Dreamy and tender. Thanks for sharing it!
Peace, R