Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes its the little things

Lately all I have energy for is small projects. I loved Teesha Moore's videos on how she does her booklets. With weeding out magazines(hoarder of mags) and needing to try something new I did some of her style. I can't stop sitting out on the sunporch and enjoying these fabulous fall days of long shadows and changing skies. Knowing that I will miss these days of open windows and shade trees too soon...I have been doing lap projects...having alot of fond memories and enjoying the simple things of life.


Diana Trout {} said...

What a lovely idea - and a fabulously colorful blog! :)
I'm planning a couple of days off for art play very soon and have a pile of mags as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sandra Evertson said...


Sandra Evertson

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your project, here, Joy! And; you enjoying the moments, too!

Gina Louthian-Stanley said...

Cool project! Glad you are creating! And yes, the fall has been awesome!

Martha Marshall said...

Joy, I'm here in the Deep South where the weather is much like yours. There won't be many more of those gorgeous days, but I hope there will be some. Yesterday it was windy, rainy and kind of cold here, so I holed up in my studio and did collage all afternoon. It was wonderful.

A self-described painter, I've been gradually sucked in by collage. It all started with Dale's International Collage Exchange!

I love your piece here and always enjoy Teesha's fun videos too.

Gallery Juana said...

Autumn's my favorite season so I definitely understand why you'd enjoy sitting out on the sunporch.

wonderful collage and the bananas dress is a great center point.

Hope you're doing well. It's been awhile since I've been by your blog, so I thought I'd pop in.