Saturday, August 25, 2007

I love these little statues on my shelf

The scan of these little 3-4inch statues came out very interesting. I used a cloth over the scanner since the lid wouldn't close over them and make it dark enough to scan . The fabric I used was a brick pattern. It almost gives a nightime feel. I am liking this idea. Meanwhile today I saw the surface of the dining room table for a change. I am cleaning for a change in hopes a new idea will emerge. Usually when I clean off the table of all my paints papers etc,I am ready to start again. It isn't often I see any surface top in my house. Yes I am a art slob. Glad I finally got around to scanning in these adorable handmade townhouses! They were purchased years ago in a cute shop at the beach. I have never found them since to buy as gifts for everyone who has lusted after them.


Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

Art slob? You haven't seen anything until you've seen my poor ransacked studio! BUT I am carefully organizing things one step at a I now work on the kitchen table until it's done. Now ask me if you can see the kitchen, not really. lol!

Those houses are adorable.

Claudine said...

Now I know what I am... an art slob!

Rima said...

They really are adorable, these townhouses. Add me to the lit of lusters. I like how you took the scan, nice idea. I'm not an art slob myself, just a slob, hehe..