Thursday, August 2, 2007

The little man

Don't let Pete's cute face fool you. He is "in the dog house" lately. Pete is banned once again from the bed. How can something this small take up all the space? You dare not leave the bed and expect to come back quietly and reclaim your space. To top it off he snarls and gets nasty with you. As if I will just let him have my side of the bed and sleep on the floor! So Pete is mad today but too bad. I did this print of Pete and painted it "Warhol" style,it came out neato. I am liking this idea.


Becky New said...

LoL! Yeah, but he sure is a cutie!!! :D Rotten as he may be.... \

Hey... did you see my post in response to your question about my journal cover last week? All Cheryl Darrow techniques. LMK if you have questions.

C-ya hon!

LINDSAY said...

Pete is a cutie! With that stare you'd think he was used to getting his way!

MAHIMA said...

lovely colours. i love how they blend so well (i'm terrible at that!).
pete looks too cute!

Rima said...

How lovely and yes, very Warholy. How could such a cutie be in the dog house?