Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday weather worshiping.

Today I was immobilized on the front porch again. I finished reading the "New Yorkers" about a group of people who meet thru their dogs. I just tried and tried to get beyond a third of the way thru "Middlesex" (with all its rave reviews) and couldn't. Then I started "Open Me" about people who professionally mourn at funerals? Didn't know that! I am in a reading binge again. I also reread my Jim Dine book and admired his art in it. I love his art. I just got "Random Order" about Robert Rauschenberg another fav.
Thanks all for asking about my health. The doc wants me to get a cat scan. Tomorrow I get bloodwork done. Then we schedule the scan. He was pleased with my blood pressure since I saw him last. I gave up salt and kept a chart. Thought I would have a prob going no salt, NOPE! In fact its amazing how salty everything tastes without it. An occasional round of chips is my indulgence. Read those labels how much salt is added to everything.


Abby Creek Art said...

Oh I love Jim Dine too! Hope you're feeling ok, Joy. You're in my thoughts! xo

Claudine said...

Hi, Joy. I just stopped by your blog and read about your health issues. I hope everything is okay. Please keep us updated. I will send you lots of positive healthy energy!

Neda said...

Best regards...What a lovely view..I followed the Harvard D.A.S.H. guidelines (you may want to check it out).. I know it is unsollicited advice but I have been following your blog and the comments on my sister Rima's blog (and then on mine) I took the liberty of writing to you.Hope you don't mind and Best of luck :)