Sunday, September 30, 2007

A favorite "ex" Marylander artist Will Wilson

Don't you love this painting and sentiment about it? Go see more of Will Wilsons art! I have been fortunate to see a few of his art shows in town. Now he is in the way big leagues.
OK now my bad news...according to my latest blood tests (which my doc said are completely outa wack) my cholesterol was 340! and I have a hypothyroid and 2 new meds. CAT scan for the lump tomorrow. I hate being on meds,I don't even like taking a vitamin. This is all making me feel old but also explains alot of my symptoms. You start to think it's all in your head til you find an attentive doc. He said this could also explain my depression and weight gain as well. More later,too nice to not be on my front porch.


Neda said...

Wooo...too hot!

The hypothyroidism is a bummer but I am glad you're checking it out (took me forever to do that and it's a pain to regulate the meds)...As they say, growing up is mandatory but growing old is optional...And from what I see, nothing is going to bring you down, my friend!

Leslie said...

Stunning and beautiful painting, and you . . . YOU take care of yourself. I'm glad that you're finding reasons for feeling bad, and I hope that you feel better soon.