Sunday, January 27, 2008

another of my Dylan book pages

This has become a fun project of mine! Some days all the pieces just go together. I found those words in a newspaper ad and they fit the song for that page.
I just took a wonderful class from an amazing artist Ruth Pettus,on oil pastels. Isn't it a "DUH" moment when you finally just play with another medium and it makes sense. I was trying the chalky pastels in the past and it turned me off, until this "oil pastel" class,it's a totally different medium,DUH! I love the results of this. Throwing out all my other pastels,lol.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

This is wonderful!! I am glad you are having so much fun!!

But make new friends but keep the old ... one is silver and the other gold.

I encourage to keep the other pastels around for awhile ... you may want them again.

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

I am only somewhat familiar with oily pastels, but I can see how you would prefer them as they are so much easier to work with, I think. This tribute to Dylan is great, he is still well loved in this household too.

Neda said...

I am back home, finally! I discovered oil pastels by "mistake" and I have been hooked ever since. Have you tried the Neocolor line? They're exquisite and glide like butter..Have fun!