Thursday, January 24, 2008

My harbor in Fells Point

This is my favorite part of the city "Fells Point". It has so much character and oldness. I bought a family brick back when they were redoing the pier that you see. It is nice to see the family names on it every time I walk down there. On the end of that pier is where I ran into Keanu Reeves when he was in town filming. YUM! He stood out and looks to be about 8 ft tall and signed an autograph for me. I was suprised he was so large most actors arent.
This is the drinking and bohemian part of town. Very eclectic places and it's already getting too "yuppie" for my taste. When my sister finshed high school and moved in with me I got her in a play in The Fells Point Theater,and I drove her nightly to play practice. We befriended Doug a local bartender who broght me drinks as we watched her practice.
If you want to see the real Baltimore go here and try a summer Friday evening before sunset as all the beer trucks deliver and the crowds change from day to night life. Its fun to watch the transition.


Sweet Irene said...

That's the kind of Baltimore I had in mind when I think of Baltimore. I am sure it is a lot of fun to hang out by the waterfront in all those bars and restaurants and take a stroll along the pier.

What is the wintertime like in Baltimore? Does it get very cold and snowy? I think it must if my geographical memory is right.

Leslie said...

I have only been to Fells Point once. I took the ferry across from the inner harbor area and walked around. Actually, we were looking for Jack and his friend who were there frequenting the local establishments while we visited the aquarium. I'd definitely like to do it again.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

This is a fun story - thank you for sharing it!! I will know who to look up if I ever go to Baltimore.

Thank you for commenting the other day - it means a lot to me!!

~ Diane Clancy

lisa bebi said...

HA! i finally made it to your blog and shop. ettc....i don't kow why when i tried to get here before my computer didn't let me.
i love it here.
thank you for making me your art friend......