Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mom died January 6th,2005

Two pieces I did after she died. I miss her so.


Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

oh how I understand the missing of ones's only been a year for me and I still think "I should tell Mom..." or "I should call Mom". It's hard.

I DID want to come by and wish you a Happy New Year Joy.
Your collages are amazing - you put them together with such a great eye!
Here's to an even more creative 2008!

Debi said...

Joy, you are multi-talented! The woodblock print is powerful, so sad and expressive. What else do you do, you mysterious one, you?

You favor your Mom. I bet you've been told that a time or two hundred.

My dad passed in 1996 and I still miss him. But the pain does lose its edge and I can even tell stories on him without bursting out unexpectedly in tears now.

Sweet Irene said...

It's tough missing a Mom. Mine died 18 years ago and I still think about her every day, especially during the holidays, because she liked Christmas so much.

It is great that you are able to give expression to your feelings through your art and that you can share that with us and I do want to wish you a very good 2008.

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us Joy. Wishing you peace and blessings.

Bobbie said...

My mom died in 2000. So much of who I am is her. I look into the mirror and I see her. I miss her.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

Thank you for sharing this. These pieces have a lot of power.

My mom died 11 years ago and I still miss her so so much!!

Thank you,
~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

I feel with you too. But remember, your Mom will live forever in your heart (I know mine haws been doing that for 22 years!!).

Impressive block!