Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK I have a fun "question" for all.

Have you ever had a very unusual experience with "the other world". An after life experience?

I have had a few but let me start with one. My grandmother and I were very close. She was my confidant in my teen years. We also talked of after we died stuff and she read alot of Edgar Casey books,think I spelled his name right. So we made a pact that if one of us died the other would come back to tell if there was life after death. She died one winter down South where my parents lived at that time. I came to visit them, many miles away, not long after she died. I was very tired from the very long drive and slept on the sofa that night. At some time during the night I started having a conversation with my grandmother,like we did about fashion,whats new in the family,like we did for years before. This conversation was not verbal but somehow unspoken. Then I heard a rubbing noise from the chair where she always sat(she had lived with my parents) She always rubbed the chair arms and left slight marks in it. The noise unnerved me as the talking did,at this point. I turned over and saw a misty,smokey vision of her in that chair across the room. I panicked and ran down the hall past her to my sisters room. I jumped into bed with her and in the morning everyone wanted to know what happened. I felt like I was betraying a confidence with my grandmother but finally explained my night.
Please tell me your experiences.


Nora said...

I have never had another world experience. Even though some people very close to me have died and I have been open to the experience, it has never happened. Only in my dreams do I relive moments with them. oudrlbk

studio lolo said...

How odd for me to stumble here today, the anniversary of my mother's passing 23 years ago.
I've had several "visits" from the other side. Sometimes we may not even realize that's what it is or was until sometime later. We can actually call them to us by thought. If you find yourself thinking a lot about someone you loved and lost, don't be surprised if you hear their favorite song out of the blue, or smell a scent that reminds you of them. Sometimes the phone will ring and no one will be there. Those are all ways in which they let us know they're with us. Seeing an apparition (as you did) can be unnerving, but if you understand it it can be exciting and comforting :)

Neda said...

First, let me say, I love the collage...

Experiences like these are more common for artists, maybe...I remember several such instances but nothing as concrete as yours; it was an eerie but good feeling at the same time.

Gallery Juana said...

Oh my, I could understand why you would run to your sister`s room.
I have had a series of visitation dreams. I am slowly adding them to my blog.

Joy, thanks for coming by my blog. I would be happy to exchange links and Added you:)

Cory said...

Thank you for visiting my blogs...Yes, you may link, I'm glad you enjoyed the visit.

As for the "unusual experience" I don't find them unusual at all...I have had so many, you would not want them on this comment space. I will say that I was lucky to have my son, who passed ten years ago, bring me a message through Mr. James Van Praagh the author of Talking to Heaven during one of Mr. Van Praagh's lectures.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I haven't experienced anything like that despite having lost several close friends and relatives in my life. But your experience sounds very powerful and something comforting to look back on. Thanks for sharing such a personal story, and thanks for stopping by my blog too and for your lovely comments.

cconz said...

joy, i check your blog when i can and this post caught my eye. i posted 1 of my spirit stories back in march. if you want check the march posts. "my ghost story". Joy, i truely believe there is something else i've had quiet a few. Yours is a special treat that afew of us can have.You are very blessed.

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Claudine said...

That is a really amazing story. Wow! I am sure your grandma would understand that you were freaked out.

I haven't really seen any similar but know that my grandparents are there. We joke that we have a gremlin or ghost in our house as things always disappear. We bought this house from the original owners and the wife died shortly after we moved in. I sometimes wonder if it is her that takes stuff. I had a friend who saw ghosts. We went to college in a very old part of Connecticut and she would spot them in colonial houses. She could read their energies and knew which to stay away from.

Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend! I am so excited that I got one of your collages. I need to pop it into a frame! I like the slide show on your blog. Very cool.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

This is a lovely collage!! Really nice.

I have had some sort of mild experiences but I am not sure anything that dramatic.

Sometimes my Mom and my Kitty come and visit me when I need them ... I can feel them and smell them sometimes.

~ Diane Clancy