Friday, May 2, 2008

"The May Queen"

Laying low this week. Here is my "May Queen" for the season. She was one of my favorites that I did. This is a season to be outside,now if I can just find energy. Happy May to all.


Neda said...

Merry May to you too :)

I had to actually research "May Queen," very interesting.

smith kaich jones said...

Joy - (What a great name!) Thanks for visiting my blog & for the comment that I was almost famous. It made me laugh, and I'd been on the phone, on hold, with AOL tech support for over 15 minutes, and a laugh was much needed. I LOVE this May Queen. I've been in a very pink mood this year (I have no idea why), and this piece really makes me happy. Also I really liked the piece with the legs & the bed & turning 25+25+9. I am 5 years behind you, and cannot believe I am this OLD!! Oh well, I plan to have a zillion cats & scare all the little kids in the neighborhood by the time I get REALLY old, so it will all be cool.

I'll be back. Thanks again!
Debi (Smith Kaich Jones)

Jacky said...

I love this piece Joy..."May Queen"... and would you believe you posted it on my birthday!!!!

I have really enjoyed visiting your blog, love your collages especially.

Thanks for popping by and visiting my blog. I will be coming back soon for a peek.