Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Springsteen ROCKS Hershey Pa.

Isn't a good rock concert enough to get the blood flowing? I haven't been enough of a fan of Bruce to catch a concert of his,but my friend is. I had a great time,it was a blast! I do love some of his songs enough to let someone else pick up the tab for me to see his concert. If nothing else watching the crowd,and adding to my ever growing list of concerts was reason to get out of town. It was a lovely breezy moonlit eve in the arena, and he was very energetic with his tunes. His concerts are always sold out within minutes of opening sales. For being my age the man had energy!


Neda said...

You rock, my friend! I just got back to Austin and I am trying to catch up on a million and one thing. Will there ever time?

Sorry about the heartache you've been through. I know how you feel, I am the constant worrier too. I love the watercolor experiments.

Missed you lots. So glad I am back!!


belinha said...

Hello!I would not mind going to his concert!!I have one or two LP.His last record had very good reviews.I went to a lot of concerts.My favorite band is Tindersticks.They are UK band.From the states I like David Mathew's Band very much.And Red Hot Chili Peppers!!!!And many others.Also american classics like Porter or Gershwin.They made very good songs!

belinha said...

By the way,Phelps,that athlete that won all those gold medals-he is from Baltimore,right?What a party it will be in your city!He's here on Portugal for hollidays in Algarve.The man is incredible.We just had one silver and one gold medal so far...this guy won 8 medals!

belinha said...

Tinderstick´s web page

I have all Tindersticks records,I've seen the band in concert...This year they released a new CD, I had it the same day it was available.I really like the sound...There's a new band called The National that seems to get inspiration on Tindersticks...

Jane said...

Not only does he have energy he has the best butt in history
love and hugs