Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer heat and humidity!

I got a few summer reads from the library yesterday. One of them is a Mary Higgins Clark book. Easy read and yet why can't I ever figure out the ending? I say oh thats the one when a new character is introduced,but no!
I added to my summer wardrobe at the Library also,T-shirts for sale. Don't know about you but its too hot and humid already. Good art show at Towson University so thats a fun trip one day soon. Spent 4 hours deleting IE8 last night,it's not compatible with much,so don't bother. Frankly I am already tired of facebook(my son talked me into that one)and Twitter,who knows those people??? I never even liked the phone,prefer in person chats.


Marilyn Rock said...

Joy; I'm with you on the heat and humidity - not a fan. We've been lucky, so far, but know it's coming. I used to be on Facebook but got off of it. My son talked me into it but I had a very bad experience with it. I'm also not a phone person - do like email and definitely prefer face-to-face conversations. I guess we have a lot in common. Have a good day! I like the picture of your son here. Happy Birthday to Paul. My son is 32 and he and his wife are expecting their first child in Dec. My first grandchild - wow!

Anonymous said...

I found a way to make Facebook work better for me. You can change your preferences so you don't get any emails from Facebook, and you can create a page for your art. Then message your friends and fans about your work. I've actually sold work this way, as well as gotten new clients. It's a great way to work the communication end of things.

Nice to see your blog again. I've taken a break for a long time now, and am coming back with my new blog, which I think you already know about. I've added you to my new blogroll.

Happy summer, Joy!