Saturday, June 6, 2009

My child is 41 today

Above is a fav pic of Paul in Key West a few years back. Where did this time go? I am so glad Paul is turning his life around and making me proud. I am glad I was there for his birth,the whole thing,ouch. He came out 9lbs 5 oz and I was not much bigger then,lol. He has always been a clothes hog,now in suits and ties for his job. Paul you have aged me quite a bit but somehow you came out more sensitive and improved and I am again happy. Love you,mom!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh what a handsome son you have! I am 43 and I have much more white hair than black anymore (I believe from stress) so I wonder if I'll even have any hair left by the time my kids are our age. I may stress it all away!

Congratulations to and for your niece as well. I bet you are one proud auntie!

I'm away from home for awhile and just taking some quick visits until I get home next week. Hope your days ahead are wonderful and creative!


vintage moon studio said...

Isn't it a great day when your kids finally get their life in order and the growing pains ease?!
Happy birthday to your handsome son! Deb

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