Monday, July 30, 2007

The postmaster was no help!

The piece above was done for a friend. He has so few family pictures that I turned this one of his mom into a special piece. He loves it! Soon I am finishing a special book of his family pictures that he has.
Today I talked to the postmaster of the local post office. It seems if I mail my art cards from "my post office" they never get where they are going and aren't returned as if not enough postage. Soooo I am furious with whoever is collecting or trashing my cards! This has happened quite often since I moved here. I will now have to drive to any other post office since they seem to get where they are going. ARRG! I am freaking about this. My son among others never got my cards!


DymphieM said...

You made a wonderful border for this picture, gorgeous work.
It's such a bummer when mail get lost, I hope your lovely work will turn up sometime, I've heard of mail that gets lost for years and eventually makes it to the recepients. There's always a news item in summer on that subject somewhere *lol* Good to hear my postcard made it :D

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is beautiful Joy!
That sucks about the post have to wonder if someone, some where has a collection of your art now...the scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

This piece is absolutely gorgeous. i love the background. So sorry to hear you are having postal problems. I hope your art starts making it to it's destination.